To The Daily Sun,

This political nightmare just seems to go and on. No side listens to the other, and words and thoughts are deliberately ignored or misinterpreted. I find some letters very well thought out, some funny, and others are odd or very angry.

I get that we are very passionate about our beliefs and what we feel is right and/or wrong. But no matter what, that individual has a right to their own thoughts and how they share and view them. Even if you disagree right down to your very bones! What you say under your own breath is yours to hear, but when you put your letter(s) in the paper just remember that not all will agree with you.

Via the Sun’s online webpage, you can read letters to the editor and you can also leave comments. I think that is wonderful! You can use your name (or not), since it’s a choice the paper gives you. Some people do not leave their actual name and may be afraid of retaliation if they did knowing the way “some” people behave in the paper. We have seen this numerous times from a certain few.

I enjoy reading some of the comments, not just for humor, but because some writers have more information that can be shared. However, this banter is not meant to be abusive, and that is not the case with one commenter on line recently. He left a comment calling the writer of a letter he disagreed with a BITCH and the letter writer was a woman. I will not name names, but I wish to say that this commenter needs to chill out! It’s just a local paper and everyone has a right to express their pain, joy, frustration, and more without being called a ‘bitch’ or worse.

If this continues, I’m sure The Sun can simply just shut down the comments via the online section, and then we all lose out on this privilege to contribute on articles we are interested in. So please — relax and try to "listen" more and hate less.

Denise C Burke


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Alan Moon

Say whatever you like about me but to cast such low brow comments upon our local police departments is very offensive.


I’m defending them. They must be just as upset and confused as his family and friends are. The police psychologists do a very complete job and take this testing very seriously. I’m glad he was stopped and I hope he gets help if he needs it but give it up with casting shade on my comment. Those words came out of your mouth numerous times. Just like Trump always putting the blame elsewhere.

Alan Moon

OK I think I understand now. Hate Trump = Love. Love Trump = hate.


No just hate where the hate is stemming from and that would = your own orange lover boy!

Alan Moon

She's talking about me again. I guess it's OK for the lefty writers to use threats and dirty words against conservatives, but we can't use that kind of language in a retort. It was Bernadette's word, not mine.


Wow,denial is a huge river in your mind! BL said life is a b@tch, you referred to her as a b$Tch and that is the difference. And yet again you go labeling people as you spew off in your own little mind. Why don’t you just learn some manners! Oh,and did you catch the latest news Al... the GOOD guy with the gun in Laconia was teaming up for a gun massacre.

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