To The Daily Sun,

I am so disappointed with the media bashing our president. In journalism school, we learned to not editorialize our stories.

Let us congratulate our forefathers who wrote the Constitution, which has stood the test of time. Rid ourselves of even the talk of sanctuary cities in Concord.

Do not allow unbridled immigration, regardless of criminal background. Citizens have been murdered.

Recapture American values, the reason why people want to come here in the first place. Freedom of speech is a privilege of democracy. Do not taint it.

As a Judeo-Christian society, we praise democracy under God with liberty and justice for all.

As citizens of a democratic country, we are not told how to vote or think.

Do not allow fake news to prevail. Make our reporters professional.

Terrorism is rampant in the world. Fight it at every turn.

Immigration to America is so popular because we have what no one else does. Even parts of Britain have Sharia law. Support our freedom and laws and make America great once more.

Jane Brown


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Common Sense

Such fair and balanced yip yap.


This is not a Judeo-Christian society. The constitution is secular and based upon enlightenment values. I, too, support sanctuary cities because that means police have better contacts and better crime-fighting knowledge. Without such protections, crime would not be reported by an undocumented witness. It is okay to despise Trump because he is a divider. A demagogue. A racist and a bigot. An Islamophobe. He hates the constitution because he is an authoritarian who loves the dictator club. He is Anti-LGBT. Anti-feminist. He is anti-intellectual and anti-science. Clueless and uneducated. Trump wants to turn back clean water and clean air regulations. He doesn't care about people. He is an evil man. Despicable and worth despising if you love any kind of decency. A sociopath. A malignant narcissist. And to top that, he is going to break his promise not to cut social programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Of course, his budget is DOA just for that only. Winning! Go, Nancy!

Alan Moon

You forgot Deplorable. Try to get a grip on reality V.


If you were any more wrong you'd be Alan Moon. There is no Sharia law in the US or the UK. Do you actually read?


She said she went to journalism school. Right. Sure she did. Maybe at Trump U Fox News Division!


See what college does? Lol

Alan Moon

Very well said, thank you !


But he gives us all so much daily😂


LOL! What a show! My wife and I had popcorn for the Cohen hearings :-)

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