To The Daily Sun,

After every shooting, which every American should be appalled by, the leftists flood the media with calls to repeal the second amendment. They say we need tougher gun control; we need to ban all guns, and stop the sale of all guns. Their reason is to protect the children.

These are the same people who have no problem with abortion or murdering children after they are born. Sadly, here in Virginia, we have a governor who believes in infanticide. Where is the outrage?

Leftists never, however, say how they will get guns out of the hands of criminals. Their only concern is taking guns out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens.

If they truly want to do something to stop gun violence, maybe they should take a look at Chicago. That Democrat-run city has the toughest gun laws in the country. Let’s use Chicago as a test case and see how that works out. The leftist media very rarely reports the violence in Chicago’s inner city. Why is that? Could it be because the cities that have the most gun violence and gun deaths are all controlled by Democrats? Is there a relationship between intolerance and violence?

Now, many places, including schools, are asking people not to carry firearms in their place of business. They are also posting Gun Free Safe Zone signs. Those businesses and schools are putting their patrons and students at risk. The gun free safe zone is telling violence-prone, in some cases mentally ill individuals, there is no one here with a gun to stop you. It is functionally hanging a bullseye on these locations.

Let’s get to the real reason the Left wants to repeal the second amendment and take our guns. The truth is they want to transform America into a Socialist Country. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to disarm the citizenry. Look at history. The socialists under Adolf Hitler did exactly this in Germany in the 1930s. Disarming any potential opposition is one of the first things Socialists and Dictators do. Just think about what you would do if you intended to seize control. If you do, you will understand where they are coming from. They know Socialism doesn’t work. The only people who benefit from Socialism are those who are in power. Look at countries who tried Socialism and how their countries went from wealth to poverty in a short time. When they finally run out of other people’s money, the system collapses and the only ones who prosper are the leaders of what is left of the country.

Don’t take my word for it; do your own research and look at the history of Socialism.

Well, I tried to give you a short view of what gun bans and Socialism will do. The rest is up to you. Please, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, stand up to the Left and say no to gun control and Socialism.

Harry Accornero

Front Royal, VA

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