To The Daily Sun,

Americans are getting pretty tired of the constant hammering of how despicable criminals, drug smugglers, and human traffickers make up the majority of people wanting to get into the US. Despite facts showing this is not the case, Trump continues to keep his “base stew” at full boil with consistent scare tactic heat. He claims we don’t have the facilities or the manpower at the official border checkpoints to weed out the desperadoes from those actually seeking legitimate asylum. His solution, therefore, is The Wall.

At $25 billion or so, that’s a pretty expensive 10th century solution. Would it not be more efficient to simply build the facilities needed to process more people? I would think temporary housing could also be built for well under $25 billion. I’m not talking about grand hotels with lobbies and maid service and pools and recreation centers, just efficient clean, temporary quarters with electricity and sewerage and running water.

I would think those with legitimate claims would gladly apply at that door rather than risk running afoul of border patrol out in the boonies. The normal day-to-day cross-border traffic would lighten substantially, I would think, lightening the load there. The bad guys could be found out more easily and more and more they would be the ones crossing under the wire. Seems to me that would allow the border patrol to focus on the known threat.

Pete Wirth


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