To The Daily Sun,

Well, President Trump did it. He kept another promise and moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, unlike every former American president who promised to but never did. I like presidents who keep their promises, especially when they defy terrorist threats from groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Radical Islamist's threatened violence if that happened and so there was violence. Down at the Gaza boarder, Hamas organized what our mainstream media is describing as "demonstrations" but in reality were violent attacks with the objective to kill and or capture IDF members defending their boarder. This didn't happen but according to Hamas 37 Palestinians were killed. Since Hamas organized these attacks, it seems to me the deaths are on their hands.

What amazes me is how our mainstream media takes the side of terrorist groups like Hamas, the POL and such against the only true democracy in that part of the world. Have to ask are they so devoid of knowledge of history or are they simply anti-Semitic?

While I'm addressing the bias's of the media, I feel compelled to respond to MSNBC's Joy Reid and their terrorist annalist Malcolm Nance, both of whom declared that veterans who support President Trump are "dishonorable." This from two leftists who give verbal approval to domestic terrorists groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Their judgement as to what constitutes honer seems highly subjective to me. But that's the left for you, much like the recent column here in The Sun, where Alan V. was despairing gun owners by whether they had college degrees or lived in rural areas — doubling down on the deplorable label it looks like. So just why does Alan suspect that collage grads have any better judgement or intelligence for that matter then non-college grads? If statics don't lie, it looks to me that large percentages of college grads can't find jobs in their fields of studies, this when unemployment is 3.9 percent nationally? College didn't do much for these folks, except burden them with massive debt. How smart were those decisions?

Now that leads me into one other subject, gun control. The left's never-ending effort to control ownership of our guns took a hit the other day when the FBI released a report that concludes "armed citizens are critical to stopping active shooters." Liberal heads must be exploding over that one, providing the liberals can find any media they read willing to report the story. And so that brings us full circle back to media bias, where much begins and ends.

Steve Earle 


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