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We hear a lot these days, especially in the mainstream media, about progressive this or progressive that — a progressive politician and/or a progressive idea. But what does the term “progressive” really mean? How about some examples.

For many years it has been common to refer to our beloved federal income tax system as being a “progressive” tax. In practice, this means that rather than a flat tax that imposes a tax of a fixed percentage tax on everyone regardless of their level of income (e.g. “everyone pays 10 percent of their income in taxes”), under our so-called “progressive” income tax scheme, the more taxable income a person reports, the higher the rate of tax on the last or next dollar earned. So, the more productive a person, the more the federal government taxes them in order to fund, in large measure, so-called “transfer payments,” namely welfare and social programs and many other activities that are really not the proper role of government at all. As Karl Marx wrote, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

In modern political parlance, being a progressive means, in essence, that you are for the government involving itself in, and intruding into, every nook and cranny of everyone’s personal and business life, including: eliminating airplanes and other fossil fuel usage; eliminating all health insurance except that provided by the government (e.g. Medicare for all); free college tuition for all; free contraceptives and abortions regardless of religious beliefs; banning plastic drinking straws and grocery bags; taxing sugary drinks; taxing and/or banning disposable food containers; making it as difficult as possible for parents to home-school their children or to send them to parochial schools; and on and on. The emphasis must be on using the force of government to attempt to attain equal outcomes, not merely providing equal opportunities.

Rather than bandying about the term “progressive” so much, I suggest that we bring back into more common usage the term “repressive.” As in let’s repress individual freedoms, individual initiative, free enterprise, market-based economics, individual responsibility, personal liberty and rights, and patriotism. The term repressive seems to fit so much better in reality- whether for politicians or for their wacky and dangerous ideas.

Norman J. Silber


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".....not the proper role of government at all". Well, you are in the tiny Libertarian La-La-Land minority, Norm, and that isn't going to ever change


Moon-man sounds like that Jehovah Witness leader who lamented that they lost members because of a college education. Aw, gee, ain't education an awful thing! And it is not just institutions of higher learning. Its the internet! The internet is there for any question to be asked unlike growing up with only TV and radio. Young people can look anything up and while there are junk sites, there are very reputable news, science and history sites. The internet is fueling the fall of Christianity, too. That is also a good thing to see superstition, along with junk-science, fade over time.

Alan Moon

It will be hard to change this trend so long as we keep sending our kids to these places of higher learning, and they return to us brainwashed socialists.

Common Sense

College is bad. Roger that. What else you got for us?




Tax and spend - that's their mantra (but use other people's money, not mine). The last thing we need is the government running the health care industry - they're
$ 22T in debt already and can even manage to run the postal service.


well, golly gee whiz!

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