To The Daily Sun,

Another day and another shooting — how very sad. Can we all say our thoughts and prayers now and just get them out of the way?! Or should we just save them for the next round?

What is going on with our society? Are we no longer human? Have we lost all our sense of decency, honor, and respect towards others? Is this all about gun control, or is this about mental illness? A gun should not be in the hands of an individual who cannot respect or control that power — period.

Are guns going away? No — not ever. Can we do more on both sides of this debate to help innocent lives matter? Yes, we can. However, it seems that neither side wants to budge, and so more people die each day. You can no longer feel safe letting your children go to school. Churches are not excluded from this violence, a drive to the dentist can end in death, and going to a concert can get you killed, and so on.

And please — save your misguided thinking of, “Well, if they only had a gun!” or “If I was there, none of that would have happened!” I call BS to you. Until you’re ever in that situation (and I hope none of us will ever be) you have no idea how you will react, nor will you know how the reactions of those around you can/will play out. People panic and panicked people can cause more harm than good. Even if you’re the ‘Good Guy With the Gun’ or the ‘Lady With the Pepper Spray’.

Mental illness is on the rise and no one is truly watching or caring. Many of these shooters had some form of mental illness, abuse, bullying and more in their background. It’s a sad fact that I don’t think many of us can deny, having seen how some of these situations occurred. But “What to do?” is the million dollar question and honestly, I hope that someday someone will take control of this ongoing nightmare and be the solution and not the problem anymore.

One of the victims in yesterday’s shooting had survived the Las Vegas shooting/massacre only to die at this bar. Can you begin to imagine his family’s shock and pain? I can’t … and I don’t want to EVER. He was in his early 20s and had a whole life ahead of him, as did so many others before him. When does it stop? When will people wake up and see this as a reality and not some ‘liberal tears in a jar” for them to mock?

I worry for the next generation(s) every day because most of this generation only cares about themselves and their rights. I miss how it was — growing up on my street and playing outside with friends without a care in the world. I wish I could go back. I wish I could keep my kids little and safe. I wish there was a cure for cancer and dementia. I wish I won Mega-Millions. But wishes won’t change people, and thoughts and prayers don’t bring back the dead.

Denise C Burke


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Alan Moon

The fact is that the shooting went on until the bad guy was confronted by a good guy with a gun. as is usually the case. He was trained to kill by the Marine Corps, how do you think they feel about it?


🥳🥳🥳🥳party at your house I see and your bringing the DIP!!!


Do u read? He killed him self Alan so where was the good guy who killed him with the blazing guns of freedom you claim??

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