To The Daily Sun,

I read Dr. Arthur Ellis‘ letter on guns: “…build a wall around the NRA.”

It is interesting to note that CNBC reported last year that the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is by medical “mistakes” — 250,0000. Number one was heart disease and number two cancer, according to a recent Johns Hopkins study, shootings did not even place in the in the top 10. (YIKES!)

So… statistically Dr. Ellis, it seems more likely that people have a better chance of being harmed by you than by my gun. Just sayin’...

Ken Knowlton


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Alan Moon

My own commonsense tells me that I would rather have a chance to fight back rather than just stand there and wait my turn to die. But if that's what you want to do, it's OK with me.


Your so dramatic!

Alan Moon

Try this little game. next time you're in a bank, supermarket or any other public place, remember that a good percentage of those around you are armed. we don't need a license. We don't have to back down from aggression. Will you feel better or will you just stay home? I play this game all the time. It's called 'Who's Packing?'

Common Sense

apparently none of the 5 dead in the florida bank were "packing". so Mr. Moon, I guess they should have been?


You have issues.


Tell that to the five people shot dead in a bank in Florida by a 21 year-old white male today. At least people in hospitals and undergoing surgery understand there are risks. Not people making a deposit.


And who cleans up the mess after the gun shot?

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