To The Daily Sun,

The State of New Hampshire is responsible to fund education. A question, where in the State’s constitution is that written, what article, what amendment? I might ask as well just where is the state to get the funding, as the state can’t print money? It is the legislators’ function (job) to write laws, approve them and face the voters when election time comes. When one says “The State of New Hampshire” pays, they should say the “taxpayers”.

Property taxes are paid by everyone. Renters pay it in the cost of their rent, shoppers pay it as part of what they buy. The exceptions are the “nonprofits”. Allen Constant could just ask “the court” to make every property pay. Perhaps there should be a statewide “School Tax” with exceptions, exemptions, no even-Steven across the board. Rich towns paying more, “poor towns” pay less — get more. Oh! wait, that was done already.

I pay, and am old, on Social Security. I went to public school. I wasn’t taught there that one day getting old I wouldn’t have the income I might be accustom to, but through the years I learned. As best as I was able, I didn’t put myself in a high-tax property, as I did learn that taxes only go UP. I’m agreeable with paying the school tax, would like to know it was used better.

FDR set Social Security up to use the taxes for other things (so much extra back then) and when the day came (I believe in 1941) pay out to the retiree was from that month’s collection. Under Obama, we were shorted with no COLA three times and a smigget once and nothing four times; thankfully, President Trump got elected. One might complain about that, as had that money been invested, the return on it would have been such that we wouldn’t have to pay a SS tax any longer. But Socialism, FDR’s or any other, doesn’t work that way.

Be glad the children are getting what education they are getting; if they don’t, and remain children in their parents’ home until they’re 26 years of age, Social Security for the retired will be gone sooner than we might think. These children may grow up, get a job, and buy old guys’ big property tax homes so they won’t have to work so hard maintaining them and retire to a nonprofit community where they won’t have to pay a property tax. Or do a job which keeps you moving, getting up in the morning (like me) and pay your taxes and be happy to be alive. Move to Florida, no heating bill will leave you money to pay property taxes. Who is the state, anyway? YOU!

Gerald Brooks


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