To The Daily Sun,

SB-306 is critical to addressing the current housing shortage that is driving housing costs out of reach for young and old alike.

SB-306 establishes an alternative appeal process to the lengthy and costly Superior Court litigation that is currently the only option for an appeal. Towns, taxpayers and builders alike across the state spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on legal fees fighting cases that often go on for years, killing much-needed housing construction.

LOCAL BOARDS LOSE NONE OF THEIR RIGHTS OR AUTHORITY UNDER SB-306. What the bill DOES do is greatly expedite the appeals process to assist with the acute workforce-housing shortage. The current process is forcing young families to leave N.H., and new employers to locate in other states because of our exorbitant housing costs. These costs are caused by lack of new homes.

SB-306 will save towns, taxpayers and builders (and consequently, homebuyers) time and money by providing an alternative process to resolve disputes within 180 days of a local board decision. And — this is important — if any of the parties, including abutters, don’t like the Housing Appeal Board decision, they retain the right to take the matter to court AS IS THE CASE IN CURRENT LAW. No one is losing any existing rights under this legislation.

SB-306 is a much-needed alternative process to avoid costly, lengthy court proceedings. Everybody wins with a streamlined process of handling appeals — and no one loses any of the rights guaranteed under current law.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to support SB-306.

State Senator Bob Giuda

N.H. District 2


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