To The Daily Sun,

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Based on what we have learned over these past few weeks, it is more than obvious that Mr. Kavanaugh has lived a life of wealth and privilege. The type of privilege that allows people of his class to expect that there will be absolutely NO consequences for their actions, words or deeds. They live in a world where they cannot be bothered with having to worry or having to answer or be responsible for "skirting" or outright ignoring the laws of the land. For them, there is no such thing as equal justice. They EXPECT to be "treated" differently than the rest of us!

I will go as far as to say that those members of Congress who continue to support both Trump and Kavanaugh are confirming that the wealthy privileged class does NOT have to answer for nor be held RESPONSIBLE for their words, actions or blatant misdeeds! Those of the wealthy and privileged class live by and for the philosophy and mindset, "So what if I break the law? Those of my class will and should protect me." These people have enough wealth and expendable resources to hire the very best attorneys. Attorneys to keep them from having to suffer the consequences of their actions. These attorneys are expected to keep the privileged class from going to prison.

We must never forget this very tragic fact. Mr. Trump has NEVER to this day apologized to the Central Park Five! Please indulge me while I explain who the Central Park Five are and what happened to them. The Central Park Five refers to five young black men who were wrongly accused of attacking and raping a white woman while she was jogging in Central Park, New York City. Trump paid for and ran FULL PAGE ads in New York City newspapers stating that these young black men were GUILTY and MUST be sent to prison. He even went as far as to state they that they should be executed! He stated these vicious lies long before these young men were put on trial and kept up his tirade for many months. When they were put on trial they were convicted and sent to prison based on circumstantial evidence.

Just one very glaring problem —another person was found to be guilty of this crime through DNA evidence. The five young black men were exonerated and freed from prison. To this day Trump has refused to apologize to these men whose lives were ruined by false accusations! Trump shouted from the rooftops that these five young men WERE GUILTY ... until they were proven undeniably innocent! Sound familiar? Because history does indeed repeat itself, RIGHT Mr. Trump?

People who live in the world of privilege are offended and angered if required to apologize or suffer the consequences of their illegal actions. I look forward to Mr. Trump's comeuppance.

Bernadette Loesch


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