To The Daily Sun,

Last week, Bristol voters were sold a bill of goods of an over-priced building that is too big and 30 plus year old. We also were sold going into DEBT is a good thing. The voters and employees will now get a second-rate facility when they could have had a beautiful brand-new brick building (wish I could insert pictures) that would have lasted easily 100 years and we could have lowered the tax rate at the same time. Our grandkids and their kids would have been proud of what we built and thankful for our foresight.

So many people left before voting at Bristol’s special town meeting because of no seating and overcrowding. The decision to spend $900,000 was decided by eight (8) votes out of 219 votes cast. Why did Bristol’s leaders not have the foresight to hold the special town meeting at the high school where all our town meetings are held? Who knows, maybe they wanted it to be unwelcoming and uncomfortable and not want so many people to stay! The new town office building will not solve this overcrowding issue either. Bristol as well could have had a larger turn out if they had put signs out earlier in the week rather than the actual day of the meeting. When the one sign was setup to announce the meeting, it was unprofessional and not setup until after 9AM when people had already left for work.

Our leaders lost sight of what debt does to a person and community. Debt “enslaves” you to the debtor who wants their money plus interest. This additional cost of money (the interest) could have been used for salary increases, and other town needs. Over ten years Bristol will spend more than $141,000 in interest alone for the new town office. Bristol has a spending problem which they would rather buy now and go into debt than save and then buy.

Think about how low tax towns prosper. Gilford for example has a tax rate of about 5 dollars and their property values go up, Bristol has a tax rate over 8 dollars and our property values go down! Lower taxes mean, higher property values and the town is more desirable to live in. Lower taxes also mean our seniors and less wealthy do not have to sell their homes.

Some in town have been told a lie. The lie is I am against needing space, which is the farthest from the truth (I sent an analysis document to selectboard over three years ago stating space is needed), but I am against raising taxes and going into debt to do it.

Well on to the next tax problem which is SAU4, Newfound Area School District (NASD). They are over taxing us by 3 million dollars. Start marking your calendars now. Voters who want to lower their taxes need to come out to the school deliberative session on Feb 2, 2019 and make a stand against the outrageous and uncontrollable school spending and the school board’s obstinance of what the taxpayers can afford.

John Sellers


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