To The Daily Sun,

I mentioned in a previous letter that even though my chosen career is dependent upon my understanding of physics, I’m also a firm believer in metaphysics. What’s the difference? Well, physics is the understanding of the world of tangible things (i.e. things you can see and touch). Metaphysics is the understanding of non-tangible things (i.e. though and emotions). The point I would like to stress here is that metaphysics is the precursor to all that is physical. Think about that the next time you get into your car. One hundred fifty years ago, transportation consisted of horses and bicycles. The cars we drive today started as thoughts in the minds of multiple visionaries that “saw” a better way and “transformed” that thought into physical reality. On the darker side, it’s also the precursor to wars.

So why do I bring this up? Because I’m seeing is a very unhealthy trend in this nation in the physical world that is a direct result of what is happening in the metaphysical world. Let me explain. I believe everyone is now well aware of the great divide in this country which we call the “left” and “right.” I would estimate that about one-third of the U.S. population is firmly in the left, another one-third is firmly in the right and the last one-third is somewhere in between. I’ll call that the diversity of humanity and it’s very healthy if we all have the same goals. It becomes unhealth when the goals are different.

The American Civil War was the worst example of conflicting goals in U.S. history. One side was absolutely convinced that people different from themselves could be “owned” like property. Others believed this was immoral. Rhetoric escalated into personal attacks, followed by physical attacks and ultimately all-out war. People of today look back at those times and vilify the southern slave owners as racists and completely immoral and by today's standards they were. But times were different 150 years ago. Slavery was common practice throughout the world, so from a metaphysical standpoint those practicing it in the U.S. justified it based on a “belief.” I highlighted belief because that is the point of this letter.

Currently, there is a “belief” in the Democratic party (i.e. the left) that “wealth equality” is a right in this country. Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage, free college for all, raise taxes further on the rich, etc. What do they all have in common? Some people are given what others have earned though hard work and self-discipline. Do I think that we shouldn’t help those less fortunate? Absolutely not! There are people that need help but I don’t believe it’s one-third of the adult populations in this country.

I repeat over and over again that if wealth is shared so should the work that earns it. But alas, it falls on deaf ears. Answer me this, from a physcal standpoint isn’t that a form of slavery? Except now, the rich are working to support the poor! I’ll give those on the left who’s head just exploded a minute to pick up the pieces. Telling someone on the left that they are not entitled to what others have earned is similar to telling a Christian that Jesus Christ was a myth. Politics like religion is based on “belief.” Both are held in the metaphysical (i.e. thought and emotion) rather than the physical that you can touch or see.

This leads me to one of the points of this letter. In order for the left to transform their belief into reality, they have to “take” what they believe is their rightful share of the wealth from those who don’t share that same “belief.” In a loving society both sides would honestly debate the pros and cons of their “beliefs” and come to an agreement on what is a fair distribution of work and wealth, accepting that neither side will get everything they want. In a hateful society each would vilify the other with verbal attacks. FYI, verbal attacks are the same as physical attacks except they are in the metaphysical world (i.e. emotional attacks). Also, one of the hallmarks of hate is the use of lies and deceptions.

Anyone who has a web browser knows you can’t open it without a negative article on President Trump popping up first. Most accuse the president of racism, white supremacy, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc. Even if true they are crimes in the metaphysical but not prosecutable until he transforms them into crimes in the physical world and he has not. Can I prove those accusations are lies? Well no, but nor can the left prove they are true. What I can prove is the left has lied repeatedly to sway public opinion. Specifically, I’ve written many letters with data pointing out the fact that Obamacare has cost the average American worker about $2,500/year and the Trump tax cuts & Jobs Act (TC&JA) have returned about $1,700/year to those same individuals. Both of those are provable in the physical yet the left continues to deny them. Based on that, I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe they will lie about someone’s character.

I’ll close this letter by restating the real purpose of this letter. In my opinion the great divide in this country is the left’s belief that “wealth equality” is a right in this country. It is in direct opposition to the rights “belief” that personal wealth is created through hard work. Until all meet in the middle the great divide will continue. I pray that both sides will stop the hate and work together for the good of all.

Bruce Jenket


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Bruce wrote, "The point I would like to stress here is that metaphysics is the precursor to all that is physical.". Nonsense. You need to get farther than Plato's forms. A chair did not always exist before one was built. There is no logic or demonstrable evidence that such an idea is true. It is as nutty as the ontological arguments for God like Anselm's that the Scholastics adopted.


Jesus is a myth. That is quite true. There is not one primary historical source for Bible Jesus.

Alan Moon

As in the fable about the goose that lays the golden eggs. Republicans would generally feed and nurture the goose to keep her as healthy as possible.
The democrats want to eat the goose.


The Goose is a phony. Dems want a different bird; one with moral values. People like Bruce worship at the altar of Mammon and think people are like him in putting money above all other considerations. Your Liar in Chief has a disapproval level unheard of because most people are not as shallow as those at the altar of Mammon. Bruce keeps trying to bamboozle people with economic numbers but with the majority, decency and moral principles override worshipping at the altar of the moneychangers. I will admit, he tries hard but he must know he is preaching to the choir since the gulf between approval and disapproval has become the largest in Presidential history.

Alan Moon

Spoken like a true Bolshevik, Comrade JWV!


Great letter, very true. The left always wants things (more spending) but only if they don't have to pay for it.

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