To The Daily Sun,

I've said it before but it bears repeating: this is not your parents Democratic Party. When Rep. Ilhon Omar openly displayed her hatred for Jews in her anti-Semitic series of tweets it incurred outrage across the country and in Congress. Nancy Pelosi stood up and condemned it and a resolution was written and presented to to the House. Straight forward, direct and simple, it should have been passed unanimously in half a day but it didn't. It dragged on as congressional leftists, now running things, watered it down, applying political correctness and making it a bland, generalized, weak sentiment.

Rep. Omar's name is nowhere to be seen or heard, she still sits on a powerful committee and faces zero consequences for what is real and truly hate speech. Why? It's because Pelosi and the old school Democrats are terrified of the radical left. They no longer lead; they bow-down before the loudest mob voices, ethics and morals be damned. It's back to the good ol' days of the Klans, when Jews were free targets of bigots and racists.

It's not at all surprising this was the work of an Islamic radical because political Islam is an evil in the world. Not all Muslims, but the political Jihadists of which Omar is clearly one want nothing less then the extermination of all Jews. It is clearly stated in so many Islamic writings that this is so. The Muslim Brotherhood's founding documents declare their intention to dominate the world and eradicate all Jews and non-Muslims.

I was once asked, "Who are they?" Well Omar's picture has been prominent in the news — she is a they. Quote the words of an old song: "A pretty face can hide an evil mind." Now, it was widely publicized exactly what Omar said and wrote, yet Speaker Pelosi has said she feels confident that her (Omar's) words were not based on any anti-Semitic attitude.

I don't know what to say, I really don't. What would it take, someone shouting the N word into the faces of African Americans before Nancy understood the hatred behind the words? This isn't even being politically correct, it's being insane. It indicates, surly, that the Democratic Party (at least in DC) has become institutionally anti-Semitic.

Speaking of political correctness, another example of this insanity has recently come to light. American Actor Will Smith has come under fire for his upcoming roll in a movie because, get this, his skin is not dark enough. Never mind that he is a great actor, an African American, but he still he can't pass the political correct standard being applied by some nuts. How stupid is is this?

Just one more thing. If you are interested in what political Islam is, or is not, and are not afraid of truth a video presentation on the subject will be presented at the Gilford Public Library, March 18 at 6:30 p.m. It's free and open to the public.

Steve Earle 


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Alan Moon

Sure, they ended up with a statement that said they were all for tolerance and diversity[except if you're a white Christian conservative who works for a living] as long as you hate the right people.

Alan Moon

I hear crickets chirping from the gallery on the left.


Funny I hear the same from your side....


I can't use the language to adequately describe this ignorance displayed here. Rep. Omar displayed NO hated for Jews, just wondered why a pro-Israel PAC specs so much money funding Congressman. That's not hated. That's too much outside money influencing Congress. But since both of you are Republicans and in love with the NRA you're used to being bought by PACs. Omar didn't say anything anti-Semitic and I don't care what Pelosi had to say it any of you local MENSA candidates. Bob Meade's column is dead wrong and many Jews AGREE with Rep. Omar. Netanyahu is as bad as Trump and people are criticizing HIS policies. You need to get out of NH and smell the real world.

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