To The Daily Sun,

Subject: “Bible placed on Missing Man Table at VA-Manchester removed because of complaints.“

A few months ago. veterans working together placed a POW/MIA Missing Man Table at the entrance to the Manchester VA. This was done with the assist of VA personnel and Vietnam veteran working group, Northeast POW/MIA Network And Rolling Thunder #1.

It was a beautiful ceremony, with five WW2 POW’s in attendance and on the table was a Bible that belonged to a 95-year-old POW. Many other veteran group representatives were there, family members, Senator Maggie Hassan to name a few.

Hospital Administrator Al Montoya was the guest speaker and did an excellent job. Well, bringing this story up to date, over the past few days complaints (few) were made about the Bible being placed on the table (no names mentioned) by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation! Now, this group has apposed the use of the Bible in this format, I found out after reading about them over the years.

So, do we give in? Not likely! I have made suggestions to Mr. Montoya, one being to place the Bible on a music stand or small table beside the Missing Man Table for those who may wish to read or understand it as part of the table setting. OUR right ! Others may do what they wish and from now on any complaints from individuals, we’d like name and where from!

More information to follow, after Mr. Montoya meets with legal team and calls Friday.

If it becomes necessary for veteran volunteers to sit in an area "holding" a Bible, that can be discussed as well. This is one issue people involved, do not walk away from it!

(If I may add note here concerning the POW Flag being replaced by a transgender banner and a person writing to this newspaper saying it was "fake news." If it was, it was put out by the congresswoman’s office — Jennifer Wexton of Virginia — because I called and spoke with THREE of her staff members who stated yes, it was true.)

Bob Jones

Northwest POW/MIA Network


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As it should be. Displays to honor veterans need to honor ALL veterans, not just ones of a particular religious belief. Including a Christian symbol in such a display is a smack in the face to every veteran of any other belief.


he lied again about the flags


Dude, you need a hobby!!


The flag was not replaced. The Trans flag was added and I told him so a while back. But he continues lying

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