To The Daily Sun,

I read Mr. Bowers letter this morning and was shocked that some people believe that anyone would want to try and abort a healthy and viable fetus at 40 weeks. Readers need to read and be informed.

NO ONE is suggesting that it is acceptable to kill an infant at 40 weeks. No one. Please check out the following pages as it might help you to understand the issue here that some women are being forced to carry an already-dead fetus to term because of "abortion restrictions." Some women are carrying around fetuses who are not and never will be viable. Some women have been raped and imprisoned or prevented from seeking care prior to 20 weeks. It is NEVER as cut and dried as has been suggested.

But please read the following and be informed. ( (

Personally, I believe that abortion is not a solution for a lack of personal responsibility. I will not condemn nor condone. But when a life is in danger? Yes — it should be. But if a woman is sitting at 40 weeks and a child is healthy and viable then I doubt there is a doctor in this country who would perform an abortion. Nor should they. And remember that N.H. has the same 40 weeks cut off that New York approved and Virginia is attempting. Virginia (despite idiotic comments from its governor) is simply removing a ridiculous amount of obstacles to enable that a woman can get the help she needs.

"The controversy has centered on a provision concerning third-trimester abortions. Under current Virginia law, in order for a patient to terminate a pregnancy in the third trimester, three doctors must certify that continuing the pregnancy would likely cause the patient’s death or 'substantially and irremediably impair' her mental or physical health. The new bill would reduce the number of doctors to one, and remove the 'substantially and irremediably' qualifier — abortions would be allowed in cases where a mother’s mental or physical health is threatened, even if the damage might not be irreversible." — from Vox News

Alan Vervaeke


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Alan Moon

My resources are as credible as any one else's. But There is a way to stop the abortions almost overnight. Trump should just tweet that all women registered democrat will be required to abort their fetuses from now on.

Alan Moon

My website is as bipartisan as planned parenthood. you can believe whatever you like. From my point if view, the more democrats that kill their children, the better.


They don't have a clue on the right. Fake science, fake news, fake outrage, fake society.


Dead on JWV! Living with blinders is bliss to some.

Alan Moon

Not true. Read this.

Common Sense

why I visited that link I'm not sure, but it is a pro-life website that cannot be trusted. just as I suspected. Mr. Moon, how can you trust this source of information, when they clearly favor a particular outcome in the debate?


Saw it as well....old fake news!


They never read.....

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