To The Daily Sun,

Our new Legislative session began on the January 2 with not a bang but a whimper. The session was devoted to setting the administrative rules. Heeding the advice of German and Soviet dictators of the past they voted to disarm the masses to protect leadership (and we all know the result). This time the vote to disarm everybody in the Statehouse was more symbolic because only the Democrats will blithely follow their leadership. My colleagues will not.

Then we moved on to more “important” rule changes. This time it was to mandate sexual harassment training. Actually, this is needed more for some Democrat females who physically assaulted citizens (convicted of felony) and others who feel “homicidal” when in the House chambers. And why is it called sexual and not gender or white male bullying harassment training?

A rule change far more relevant to the situation that would require training on the constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States. Sadly it was defeated by the Democrat majority, including the Democrat representative from Franklin Ward 3. I refer to my first paragraph to show how important and really necessary this understanding of founding documents is.

January 3 was Inauguration Day for Governor Sununu and the Executive Council. This was relatively drama free although the Democrats couldn’t help themselves and sat for much of the applause. One thing the governor did propose (that I support) is to move the secure psychiatric unit out of the prison. This has been long overdue. Some individuals who are a danger to themselves or others need to be held in a secure facility, but the prison does not adequately address these situations.

This week we begin plowing through the 1,100+ bills that have been proposed. Some are trivial, like banning plastic bags and straws, but others are serious and will need careful consideration. I am on the Criminal Law and Safety Committee. We will hear bills this week on sex trafficking of minors, deadly force, rape evidence and several others. It may be a little late for this week’s hearings, but the hearings are usually on Tuesday or Wednesday at 10 am, in the Legislative Office Building behind the Statehouse. You are welcome to come, listen, and give your opinion. Contact me and I can let you know the topics and schedule of ours and other committees. There is no limit to your access although sometimes you may have to stand.

Well, we are off and running. 

Dave Testerman

Representative for Hill & Franklin


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Read Scalia opinion in Heller vs DC. Guns can be banned in sensitive places. Crybaby

Alan Moon

Thank you Dave for keeping us informed of the business in Concord. What the Dems don't admit is that their "no guns allowed" signs don't make them safer, just more unsecured. The vast majority of mass shootings happen behind those signs. And you're just as likely to be attacked by a deranged demorat as a criminal these days.


Oh yes because you and your idiotic ilk like Al Baldasaro - that violent fool and Trump butt kisser - seem to think you are above the rules. Guns aren't allowed in the US House and Senate. And last year one of your fellow fools had a fun fall out and land on the floor. If private business can dictate whether weapons are allowed on the premises, why not the State House that belongs to ALL citizens and not just the ammo-maniacs?? I'm sure the rest of the Clampetts and Kettles in Hill approve of your stupidity.


So you did not get something you wanted and you blame others for what they may have felt was trivial is that your point?!

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