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The Democrats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives defeated House Bill 673 on Feb. 27. This bill would have allocated $100,000 to pay the cost of taking exams to acquire college credits. The bill was defeated by a vote of 202-141. The majority opposing the bill included 199 Democrats and three Republicans. The minority who supported the bill included four Democrats and 137 Republicans.

The bill was voted down chiefly on a party-line basis. There was no Democrat support. If 31 more of the 203 Democrats who showed up to vote, or about 16 percent, had cast a bipartisan vote the outcome would have been reversed. One might conclude that party politics overcame common sense.

If Democrats support reducing the cost of college; if they are concerned with New Hampshire’s highest-in-the-nation student debt load, then why did it not make sense to support this measure?

The conclusion seems to be that Democrat legislators oppose free college. They are doing it for the children, you understand. In an act of complete partisanship the Dems just took a bite out of every household budget where there is a college student. How big a bite? Potentially, up to half the cost of a N.H. college education.

It’s a sad day when Democrats prevent our kids access to affordable college education. The goal of affordable education for all should be a nonpartisan and bipartisan goal. Support for CLEP exam fees coupled with a public library of free college courses online seems like an efficient way to approach achievement of this goal.

New thinking about old problems costs less than continued support for the industrial model of education. If we could just break the stranglehold of the education lobby which is focused on jobs for their supporters at the expense of cost-effective quality education for our children a better outcome is available at lower cost. What’s wrong with that?

Education Lobby 1; New Hampshire Families 0

Marc Abear


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Johnna Davis

Oh, you mean that bill that takes public dollars and gives it to private schools for the College Level Examination Program? The one that public schools already have access to? Yeah. That.

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