To The Daily Sun,

This may seem old by print time but I still have to do this. My therapy is getting it off my chest. 9/11 just a few days ago and all the speeches, "Let us not forget.” Remember what our country went through and how we came together and held our flags high, with such pride?

Then, here comes the Democratic debates so I thought I’d listen to hear the differences. We’ll right from the beginning I knew it wasn’t going to last long for me. Didn’t make it through the introductions! The first thing I noticed, as I understand many did: The was not a flag to be seen anyplace on stage! My guess, and I know I’m right, Bernie stated, "if any American flags are on stage, I don’t show up.“

The others all went along with it. Now I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m as honest as CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS. See, you can trust me! So, just looking at that stage of wannabe’s, I’ll tell you this, and remember you heard it first from this honest, independent political pundit, Trump in a landslide! Really, you feel it?You know you do!

Bob Jones


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