Thank you to those who voted for me in Gilford Town Election. I appreciate your support and hope it will continue if I choose to run again.

With that possibility in mind, I want to clarify my motives for seeking public office, which were portrayed inaccurately by others during the campaign. Ideologically I am a fiscal conservative, not a self-serving miser with a “closet” political agenda. As stated before, I ran for Budget Committee in an effort to be a good steward of town funds. For me that means thorough consideration of all aspects regarding the necessity for budget requests. The purpose being assurance of adequate finances to keep our town healthy and safe for all ages, while maintaining taxes within reasonable range for its citizens, especially those on limited or fixed incomes.

Nor am I, as was implied, a career politician or political hobbyist who came to change the Granite State “into a libertarian paradise”. I believe my commitment to the welfare of people in Gilford and surrounding communities can be verified by my actions.

For example, I am a retired operating room nurse where I cared and advocated for surgical patients. For 20 years I was a Boy Scout leader and trainer. Since relocation to my new hometown, I volunteer in the Medical Reserve Corps, teach CPR and firearms safety classes, prepare food for HATT, Salvation Army, Temple B’nai Israel’s We Care benefit concerts and maintain the food pantry at Gilford Community Church. I also help Lakes Region Porcupines’ (local unit of the Free State Project) with their annual toy drives, seasonal adopt-a-highway litter pick-ups and annual Beach Day events that raise funds for nonprofits such as St. Vincent de Paul and NH Humane Society.

Now about the Free State Project, of which I am a member. Their motto is “Liberty in our Lifetime”. The NH state slogan is “Live Free or Die”. These seem compatible to me. I was denounced for having “hidden agendas”. Mine is hardly hidden. I wish to be left alone with minimal government interference. I wish that for those who want the same. But I do not wish to meddle in other people’s lives, especially not by forcing any agenda on others from a position of public service.

Rick Notkin


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Free Staters - that's not an agenda? Your Facebook profile was you with an assault style rifle. You and Silber need to go away and learn what "community" actually is. This is why you've come in last both times. Give it up.


You tried twice and lost twice?!

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