To The Daily Sun,

I am appalled to see that Ms. Fay is getting a slap on the wrist.

A MONTH? Dear God she should do YEARS! What she did to those poor dogs is on par with Charles Manson in my book. Dogs can't defend themselves, can't speak to say I'm hungry or I don't feel good. Oh some would say she could tell by the way they were acting would alert her. BULL, not with that many dogs.

Also the judge is NOT restricting her from having one dog. She should never be allowed to even care for a black fly in the rest of her lifetime. 

I hope June 12 brings forth much more jail time, and the order of no more dogs in her lifetime. She is a disgrace to the animal kingdom. I am so spitting mad about the whole thing that I'd like to lock the whole bunch of them up. Poor prosecutorial effort, the judge belongs on Laugh-In, and the defense is getting away with murder. Please, everyone, do some serious soul searching before June 12.

Judi Leavitt


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