To The Daily Sun,

In response to the Jan. 30 Letter by Mr. Robert T Joseph, Jr.: ARE YOU KIDDING?

Someone needs a nap. The radical LEFT is still besides itself and still festering. Mr. Joseph: if you think President Trump was to blame for the shutdown, you have to stop watching MSNBC or CNN. It takes two to tango, Schumer-Pelosi-McConnell are as much to blame as anyone else for the shutdown. Neither side would negotiate with President Trump or each other.

Your calls of dictatorship and impeachment just show your total ignorance. The president has an ultimate duty to the AMERICAN citizens to protect us from invasions of foreign governments or waves of illegal immigrants. All of us in the U.S. are immigrants (yes, even the Native American Indians, they migrated from Mexico or Siberia during the ice ages). Our historical lineage came here legally and worked, not like some that want to now come here to commit crimes or live off government subsistence.

States like Calif. and N.Y. promoting government assistance to illegal immigrants should be a federal crime and those politicians removed from office and locked up for treason. Illegal immigrants have no rights under our Constitution. Even non-citizens here legally have limited rights and are NOT ALLOWED to vote under federal law. If the far left had its way, we would all be on government subsistence, everyone from everywhere could vote, and we would be paying 90-100 percent of our salary back to the government in taxes.

For all of his character flaws, President Trump is getting one thing right, GTD (get things done). My advice to you is to relinquish any firearms to the local police before you do something drastic due to your uncontrollable rage. I can only image how off the deep end you will be when Trump is re-elected in 2020 and Shaheen is removed as a N.H. Senator by a Republican candidate. You may want to consider moving to Vermont, N.Y. or Mass., so you can be comforted by your ultra-liberal peers.

Mark Larocque


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Sorry but I moved to NH from out of state. The "Privileges and Immunities" clause in the U.S. Constitution gives me the right as an American citizen to reside, work, and vote in any state I darn well choose.



Alan Moon

It's true Joseph has plenty of company here in NH as noted by these other Mass transplants below. They are every bit a threat to our nation as all the illegals that ever snuck across the border, and they know full well that they're on the same side.


They don’t read, they don’t hear, and they don’t listen, and they just plain don’t care. It’s ALL about them.


Thanks, but no thanks. All my friends here in NH are liberals. Dem House, Senate, and Executive Council, too. Our Reps and Senators are Dems, too. Lots of liberals in NH. Why don't YOU move to Alabama!


Oh yes the swamps will suit him!


Trump "owned" the shutdown. Didn't you hear those words LEAVE HIS MOUTH???


Didn't you hear that Pelosi refused to negotiate or even meet with the President? By the way - doesn't Chucky Schumer have the money to get his glasses fixed? Every time I see him they are down to the end of his nose.


Why bother. They passed Bills to reopen the guv.. He would just pout about hid wall, slam the table again, and leave the room in a huff. It was his shut down. He owned it proudly. Schadenfreude Trumpies. The newest bill also has no money for a big beautiful Trump wall

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