To The Daily Sun,

According to an article in The Sun on July 31, Motorcycle Week will be taking place. I have been riding motorcycles for more than five decades and first experienced “Motorcycle Weekend” in the late sixties. After moving to Central New Hampshire, I attended Motorcycle Weekend and Motorcycle Week for nearly 30 years, and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells of this huge gathering of riders and their bikes.

It is hard to comprehend that the Motorcycle Week promoters, local businesses, and the chief of police are willing to endanger the lives of not only the participants of this event, but also the lives of local citizens who, by necessity, could exposed to COVID-19. How can the health and lives of people be less important than the income, tax revenue, and bragging rights associated with the 97th annual event?

Though there will be fewer participants in Motorcycle Week this year, there is no way that social distancing will happen at the Weirs Beach. And I doubt that most riders will be wearing masks, since there is no state mask mandate; many are smokers, and some riders are rebellious and resistant to following rules established by the government and/or authorities.

I suspect that the Laconia area will be paying the price for having the 97th “Progressive Motorcycle Week 97.

Michael Stone

Rineyville, Kentucky

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