To The Daily Sun,

I just watched President Trump's address to the nation on the government shutdown and the wall and the Democrats response. Here are some thoughts.

First off, many in Congress have been there for decades and have done nothing to solve this ongoing issue. No one on the left seems to want to have a fruitful back and forth discussion on this issue. They say end the shutdown and then they'll talk. But we know once the pressure is off they won't give Trump anything. It's the way they are. Anyone who thinks otherwise is nuts.

The porous nature of our southern border is a real problem. Border walls are a real part of the solution. They work. Nearly everyone who has worked with border security seems to agree. Those who say barriers are not effective, seem to be offering straw men. They really don't want to talk constructively. Notice it. It can be seen. This tells me that they are speaking from an ulterior motive, and not from concern for our national security. If the problem has existed for decades and we have had a Congress that has done little or nothing to fix it, and we now have a president who wants to fix it; Congress has lost the initiative. They have an obligation to work with a president who has a plan, a will, and a determination to see the job through. Is that not right? If you say that's alright because this is President Trump; that's dysfunctional and the dysfunction is on your side.

The Democrats are trying to disown any responsibility for the shutdown. It takes two sides to make for a fight. The Democrats are denying any responsibility on their part. Those of us who are married will recognize this blame game. Those with successful marriages will know that you don't get anywhere until you get past this, and each spouse accepts their responsibility in the matter, forgive each other, correct the matter, and move on.

The media is clearly extremely biased against President Trump. They act like, well,like President Trump says we are. But they really are. I don't care what political stripe you are you have to see it. It's why when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with President Trump they didn't want to talk publicly. Nancy Pelosi said, we'll talk in private and then talk to the media. Pelosi knew that whatever went down the media would make her side look good. Even the novice must see the media bias in this wall fight.

If I were President Trump I would draw attention to the fact that he has accepted his share of the responsibility for the shutdown and it is time for the Democrats to accept their share of the responsibility and come to the table. I'd change my tone toward the media as well. I'd implore them to be honest and fairer in their coverage. I'd be willing to bet there are many in the media who are already having issues with their consciences They have to know that what they are doing is not honest and that how they are reporting is wrong. I'd implore them to do what is right.

I bet many would break away from merely carrying water for the Democrats and begin to report more fairly, even if it cost them their jobs; to have integrity is more important than having a platform, for what good is having a platform if all you can do from it is to tell lies. Integrity and truth indeed are great motivators. Give me these and faith and love and Jesus more than all the things in the world.

John Demakowski


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Trump caved to Pelosi. I am loving it

Alan Moon

I will never stop defending This President or my civil rights from attacks by "disgusting Massholes' as you describe youself, or any one else. Talk about being negative? Really!


I would not move to mass if you gave me a free house——from you?! Not ur 1st negative comment about Mass or the people who live there ,correct?! So just putting myself in your view.

Alan Moon

Every single border agent that has been interviewed from the Director on down is asking for us to build some sort of wall. They should know what works as they are dealing with the problem every day. But now President Trump is a terrorist Verveaka? Does that mean a state of war now exists between you and the government? when does the shooting start?


Can you ever comment on anything else other than Trumpy and guns?! I never see you say anything positive or helpful on any other letters or articles, hardly ever. You seem to be stuck on repeat and play over again and again. If you have not noticed there are some really good articles to read and some very good letters as well. This is your area and yet I have more interest in it than you. Even disgusting Massholes like me can do it. Try to be more open minded and you may learn a thing or too. Perhaps even meet a ‘friend’ or just someone new to chat with. Chill the negative down-try it-it’s not hard Alan.


Not true, liar


Trump is not "the government". Trump is just your elected stooge. And while you stand there all holier than thou about "Your President", remember how often and how loudly you bashed Trump's predecessor and how you cried and whined about him. Poor dear! Trump just caved on his Wall and you can BET that it will NEVER be built as he seems to think it should. He doesn't understand politics and neither do you. Go back to your gun range and play with your bullets. Let the grownups talk now.


Who says that walls work, John? Trump? The Great Wall of China failed and the Mongols still invaded China. Our existing wall/fence doesn't work. "The Left" won't give in to Trump because the United States had NEVER negotiated with terrorists. That's what Trump is. But hey - why didn't he get it when the GOP controlled both the House and Senate?

Too bad. You lose. Apparently you understand walls and politics as well as you understand the Gospel. Not at all.




It’s recorded, you know that, right?!

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