To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Mr. Meade chooses party over country. In his latest column, he makes unfounded attacks on Democrats/liberals by raising the specter of voter fraud and corruption in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. This undermining of the electoral system is either reckless, or very diabolical, and certainly not good for voter confidence in the 2020 elections. These conspiracy theories may portend things to come — people coming to believe that the voting system is really somehow compromised. These toxic attacks by Meade, in our current environment, appear to be meant to create division and rancor.

There has been considerable misleading rhetoric regarding voter fraud in our recent mid-term elections. Without a whiff of evidence, Meade would have us believe something sinister played-out in several races. What he characterizes as “irregularities” are actually typical, and especially so, given the historic turn-out. States often have to take additional days after an election to finish tabulating mail-in votes. It’s not uncommon for vote tallies to change in the days after the election as local officials’ process mailed and provisional ballets. To address Meade’s concerns about Broward County, Florida, state agencies charged with investigating potential voter fraud say that no credible allegations exist suggesting that heavily Democratic counties in Florida may have improperly inflated the Democratic vote in Senate and governors races.

These conspiracy theories, suggesting Democrats are “stealing elections” and the undermining of the integrity of our nation’s electoral process, are causing grave concerns. Is it possible that conservatives are laying the ground work for a possible backlash and repudiation of Trump in 2020? If things don’t turn out as they want, will they blame a failed electoral system, fraught with fraud and corruption? Unfortunately, I can envision Trump declaring the elections illegitimate and blaming everyone and anyone for the massive fraud; we have come to realize that this is not beyond him. We must do everything we can to protect the integrity of our ballots and the sanctity of our elections because our democracy depends on it.

Meade, as he often does, continues to perseverate over the Democratic/liberal resistance movement. In his latest missive, and his continuing effort to ramp-up anger and fear, he claims that Democrats/liberals are not only resisting, but “destroying.” He doesn’t outline what is being destroyed (he leaves that to the imagination), but the term “destroy,” for Meade and conservatives, will hopefully accomplish what they hope to achieve.

Resistance is and always has been a part of our nation’s fabric. Resistance was the primer movement of the free world; leading to the American Revolution and culminating with a new nation. Resistance played key roles in the Civil War, voting rights, civil rights, the Viet Nam War, Republican/conservative resistance to the Obama administration, and most recently, Democratic/liberal resistance to the Trump administration. Apparently, resistance is only evil and destructive when it doesn’t comport with the views of Meade and conservatives.

We have learned in recent weeks that Judas resides in the oval office. The POTUS has sold-out the life of Jamal Khashoggi and the moral integrity of the Unite States for economic gain. It appears that commercial interests come first — not America first; economics over ideals. Its fine to defend America’s economic interests, but it’s ugly to suggest that American interests begin and end with arms sales and military alliances. Trump has erred badly by disregarding the immorality of Khashoggi’s murder and his actions are both an abdication of what should be American and a stain on his presidency and the United States.

Robert Miller


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Alan Moon

You're still tweaked out that Crooked Hillary lost. Resistance is futile. Republicans never acted so pig headed when Obama won. Get over it.


The crook won, Alan. The one surrounded by indicted crooks won the electoral college, not the people's votes. He will never get re-elected. A horrible person with no principles. He will be a lame duck President beginning in January, Alan. 2 more years of do-nothing and increasingly isolated Trump. And don't make me laugh about how you right wingers treated Obama. As Steve Earle once wrote on Nov 16, 2016, "Am I gloating? You're d#mn right I am!"


He is a tool for the fool. Great letter again. I really enjoy yours.

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