Recently I read a letter stating that the percentage of out of state donations to NH candidates from both parties is scary. What I find scary is the likes of Ms Maura Sullivan. Ms Sullivan claims she had no prior knowledge of the Shea-Porter decision not to seek re-election and her moving here only weeks before Shea-Porter announcement is pure coincidence. This story despite just prior to moving to NH she was in Chicago trying to drum up support for a congressional run. Ms Sullivan says she gave up her political aspirations and moved to NH. . We are expected to believe that a total unknown shouted into the wind that she is running for congress in NH CD1 and thousands of out of state contributions flowed in like a miracle. That would be (98%) of her contributions and greater than $1.5 million dollars.

What seems apparent to me is the Democratic Party leaders in Washington were either aware of the Shea-Porter decision or what is more likely is they encouraged her to drop out. After all, she lost the seat twice and this last time around despite winning managed only 44% of the vote. It looks like they orchestrated the retirement and handpicked a candidate with no ties or history with NH. It also appears these leaders didn’t bother having a discussion with the NH delegation (Shaheen, Hassan & Kuster) regarding a viable candidate as evidenced by their endorsement of Chris Pappas.

Ms Sullivan is totally unqualified to be a Congressman; she has never held an elected position at any level, never worked as an intern or staff member for anyone in congress. Has no legislative history. Yet has the temerity to come to NH and say I am the best candidate. OK, she was in the Marines, in Iraq and later was appointed as a P/R person for the VA. How does that translate into being qualified to be a Congressman?

Does Ms Sullivan know anything about CD1? Can she name the counties, towns or cities? Does she know who the Mayor of Manchester is? Does she have any idea where Hales Location is? Probably not but her goal is to get to Washington and vote the way her masters instruct her. I hope the voters of CD1 have the good sense to ask themselves why Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Lynch have all endorsed Chris Pappas.

Dan Bartlett, Registered Independent CD2


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Dan Bartlett

JWV, you do not have a legitimate argument to my comments so you revert to name calling. First calling me mean and then a Bernie Bot. Good show, excellent argument!


I am probably voting for Pappas but I find your whole demeanor foul. This is Bernie Bot stuff.

Alan Moon

She doesn't seem to be qualified to handle firearms either. In her TV ad she is presenting us a rifle with a magazine inserted, bolt closed, and the safety is off. Definitely bad form,


What a laugh. Did serve in Iraq like she did, Alan? Safety off is smart since she is not in an actual combat situation. You try SO hard! Pappas will replace Shea-Porter, anyway. But if she pulls off an upset, she'll beat any right winger in Nov


Oh look it’s about guns and Alan is talking.

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