To The Daily Sun,

We have a problem in Belknap County. That problem is that our county delegation has been overrun by political extremists. On January 6th most Americans were terrified and saddened by what is more and more coming to look like a coup attempt supported by insurgents backing President Trump. On the day it was widely circulated that the NH house took a roll call condemning this violence in DC. I also read at the time that it was a unanimous yes vote. However in the end that was not true; 35 State Reps voted “Nay” on condemning the disgusting violence that left a Capital Police officer and 4 others Americans dead. Among the 35 no votes were seven Belknap County representatives:  Glen Aldrich, Harry Bean, Barbara Comtois, Norm Silber, Mike Sylvia, Tom Ploszaj and Gregg Hough all voted no on condemning this violence. That's a third of our county delegation refusing to condemn the storming one of the most sacred buildings of our Republic. 

If there is one lesson we can learn from the last four years it's that we should take people at their word. The word from these seven is that they support this sedition. To go further the Chairman of the Belknap County Delegation Mike Sylvia supported and signed a document that terminates the state of New Hampshire and declares the government of the state illegitimate. It also goes on to call Gov. Sununu a tyrant. Is it going to take a radical mob storming the New Hampshire State house for everyone to wake up? I know the vast majority of my Belknap County neighbors don’t feel this way. Instead of a Chairman distracted and actively trying to foment insurrection, Belknap County deserves a chairman working to make the lives of county residents better. It is time for reasonable, pragmatic, and patriotic Belknap County citizens to stand up and run for these seats in the next election cycle in 2022. For too long we’ve let this radical delegation run unchecked. It's time to bring in some new people who are focused on solutions and making Belknap County an amazing place to live instead of masquerading as revolutionaries.

Matt Coker


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