To The Daily Sun,

Well the primaries are over and now things can get serious, so I would like to once again remind readers of some interesting facts. What I find most interesting about facts is the left never seems to want to consider them.

I've written over and over about the economy booming, the stock market reaching great highs, unemployment at record lows. Look right here in today's Sun (Tuesday the 11th) two pages of help wanted adds. Assembly jobs, tax preparing jobs, sales, vice president of operations — all kinds of jobs. Two years ago we were lucky if half a column of help wanteds were in the paper.

Love him or hate him, this is because of President Trump. Does the left challenge any of these facts? Not that I've see, what I read is they call we conservative writer names, all kinds of names but they just have no pertinent facts to argue. Sure, they say Trump did this, said that and invent every imaginable detraction to keep people from focusing on all the positive things he has done for working people at every level. One leftist writer even claimed the president has proven to be unable to govern. Not sure what that writer thinks governing consists of if not making the lives of the American people better and safer?

Now be clear on a couple things. The left is promising to raise your income tax burden if they take over Congress. They will also put back all those high taxes on business and industry, plus all the unnecessary regulations the president cut. If readers will recall those things killed jobs, drove industry overseas, created high unemployment and lots of tough times for working people. Looks to me as though the left has turned their backs on American workers of all races and ethnicity in favor of the big banks and cheep foreign labor. Why else do they want open boarders? It can only be for the cheep labor and future voters. But we the people are supposed to feel guilt ridden for trying to look out for our families instead of hordes of illegals pouring in across the southern boarder. It's suppose to make us all racist, too, but I'll be darned if I feel the least bit of guilt for looking out for my family first. Bet most of you readers feel that way too and why shouldn't you it's your primary responsibility in life. Help others when you can, if you can, but family first.

So now when one or two of those left-wing writers addresses this letter and makes all kinds of critical comments be sure to look to see if they present any facts to back up their "critical thinking" or if they just are throwing their opinions around trying to detract you from facts. Oh yeah and be sure to check those "fact" with a non-partisan fact checker.

Steve Earle 


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Alan Moon

If my 401K is full of nonsense and rhetoric, I want more of it!

Common Sense

Broad brush unverifiable statements. All rhetoric. You and Trump are perfect for each other.



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