To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Bonnie Chehames' letter Oct. 8. Bonnie stated that nursing home staff have the FREEDOM to work at a multitude of other health care facilities and venues that do not require vaccines. Perhaps you could enlighten all of the health care workers where these jobs are? There may be plenty of jobs available in Carroll County and the surrounding counties, but the pay is well below what any individual needs to survive. And if it's in a health care facility, yes you do need to be vaccinated. Are you suggesting that people should just up and leave jobs and careers they've done for years and start something new? And should the National Guard be responsible for the shortage? If every medical facility across the country lets their unvaccinated staff go, how many people from the National Guard will need to cover these positions? All of us health care workers have been in the throes of COVID and the majority have not contracted the disease. This mandate is one of the most disrespectful orders President Joe Biden has set upon the American people. If it's time to put politics aside, then politics shouldn't come in to play with an individual's rights and freedoms. Why do the hardworking people have to get vaccinated while the open borders continue to bring unvaccinated people into our country. Do you really believe the only people spreading this virus are health care workers? That's some pretty narrow-minded thinking!

Lisa Sargent 


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