To The Daily Sun,

My husband and I live on 19 Mile Bay and are opposed to the 12-lot subdivision proposed for Farm Island for multiple reasons. First, we are worried about the water safety for recreation off our town beach. Will we be able to swim in 19 Mile Bay safely with increased boat and jet ski traffic? Our bay is quiet now with minimal traffic and is relatively unpolluted. With 12 new houses on the island, there are real risks to the water quality. Are we going to become like Winter Harbor, with cyanobacteria or Gilford with bacteria at Ellacoya State Park so we can’t swim in our bay?

Secondly, a 12-lot subdivision will increase mainland traffic and parking. The existing parking lot at 19 Mile Bay is often completely full of cars, trucks and trailers. Numerous concerns have arisen regarding people crossing the busy route 109 as well. We assume, like a subdivision on the mainland, there will be parking requirements for a subdivision on an island. Where will these islanders park their cars? Where will the islander’s guests park their cars? Logically, there could be anywhere from 24-50 additional cars and boat trailers added to this area. This should be a conservative estimate. Construction of 12 lots will also pose further vehicular congestion. How safe will it be for our kids? Who knows how many years of construction there will be, based on how quickly the lots are sold?

Thirdly, how will a 12-lot subdivision with 12 new docks impact 19 Mile Bay? Will they have to dredge the bay to install the docks? Farm Island is a unique attraction for wildlife including deer, eagles and loons. The N.H. Fish and Game Department have posted warnings, from time to time, that loons were nesting in that area. What effect will 12 new developments have on this precious wildlife population?

These are all questions that the Tuftonboro Planning Board need to investigate and research by experts, not the developer, before they consider approving this project. It has the potential to dramatically change the life on the bay, so we should all know how it is going to change our lives before it is approved.

Jacqueline Freese


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