To The Daily Sun,

OMG, another shooting, this time in Titusville Florida. A gunman opened fire at a “back to school, peace in the city” event with around two hundred kids and parents present. Panic ensued with attendees running for their lives. So how come we didn’t see this on the news? Probably because the only injury was to the shooter who was shot and critically wounded by a legally armed citizen. Just part of the selective news the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about, and one of the thousands of such events never reported every year by the anti-gun media.

I see here in the paper today that Democratic candidate hopeful Maura Sullivan’s funding (96.7 percent) is from out-of-state. Does that seem right that so much money is not even from N.H. people? Something wrong here seems to me.

Llyn Clague claims we would be better off if Hillary had won. Really I wonder just how the much vaulted liberal critical thinking arrives at that? Never mind that Hillary is a proven liar and incompetent she also demonstrably violated several federal laws. I would also suggest she would have continued following the failed liberal economic programs responsible for the high unemployment, constantly rising poverty levels, jobs and industry leaving the country, stagnate wages, high taxes and destructive over regulations on business. Compare that to to the economic boom we now have the very low unemployment in every sector with full-time jobs with benefits being the norm. How do those even compare? So really should you keep voting for candidates who promise to take us back to the pre-Trump, liberal paradise? The Marxist elite will thank you with more less.

Robert Miller asserts it’s Trump who is responsible for trashing the legal system. Seems to me that would be Obama and Hillary who corrupted the FBI and Justice Dept., Bob. But guess CNN is your ultimate source for information so you’re at their mercy. You might have heard about the illegal servers Hillary had and how that was “investigated” by the FBI and Justice? Extreme carelessness was determined even before anyone was questioned. How does that work? You want a certain conclusion then investigate it so that comes out at the end. Had nothing to do with Trump, Bob. The Russian collusion thing where all the evidence indicates the collusion was between Hillary and the DNC but the special counsel keeps going off subject trying desperately to find something, anything to charge Trump with. So far half dozen people charged with unrelated crimes have been exposed. Big deal!

Bernadette Loache has another rather silly letter here on Thursday. The lowest level of decency we have seen is all due to your liberal policies over the years. Liberals like you have supported politicians who have been soft all moral levels, illegal drugs, pornography, crime of all kinds. Vulgarity, promiscuity, the breakdown of the family units, all can be directly traced back to one liberal policy or another and they have nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump. We have an opioid crisis and thousands of deaths. My brother-in-law’s step-daughter died from an overdose earlier this year and a granddaughter has just completed a detox program. Every family in N.H. and this country has been touched directly by this and it’s the fault of liberals like you who support leftists who don’t care one bit about the suffering and deaths they cause as long as they get their way.

So, readers, keep in mind that right now there are more jobs than people to fill them. This is due to Trump and conservative policies, not the empty promises of liberal Democrats. Those Democrats have promised to raise your taxes, those on business and industry no matter how it affects working people. Fact is clear they do not care about you, they only care about themselves and their leftist agenda.

Steve Earle 


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The sad thing about this commentary is that the headline does not really match the thoughts conveyed by the writer. Additionally, throwing this much material against the wall is a ploy to avoid discussion on any one issue.


He does that a lot. Spastic writer and he has poor reading comprehension which is easily seen when he tries to rebut a letter. He seems to not have read the letter he is responding to. He puts words in ones mouth that obedient actually say. Pathetic, eh? Bob Meade, Don Ewing, Tony Boutin, and Russ Wiles also have a history of not actually getting the point of the letter they're responding to. Which is why I rarely read any of their rants. Rebutting them is easy, tho.


Dang predictive spelling!


Looking at your title. Um er, people are the Liberal agenda. Duh!


Just to let you know my wife and I have a game show thing where we try to guess who wrote the letter by the title. We almost always get yours right! But we don't actually read them

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