To The Daily Sun,

Though I now live in Hill, I lived in Laconia for nearly 60 years and worked at LRGH for nearly 40. I have followed the debate about the possibility of taking the emergency services from the Laconia Fire Department and hiring a private service to take over these services.

I just want to say that this week will prove what an extraordinary job the LFD does during Motorcycle Week. They know the area, the people, and have a great working knowledge and relationship with other local ambulances and the emergency room doctors and nurses of LRGH. I have personally witnessed the work these men and women do during this, the busiest 10 days of the year in Laconia, and cannot imagine how this would all work if a private ambulance service is brought in to do their job. They are a very dedicated and hard-working group of people and I believe the people of Laconia deserve their service and, in kind, the LFD deserve the continued support of the people of Laconia.

Pam Fugate


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