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I consider myself lucky to be connected through family and in friendship to so many diverse women throughout the country. As we head into the new year, I cannot help but give a shout out to those women who just don’t get recognized enough. There is a population of women who seem to get overshadowed, especially during the holidays, by the cookie-cutter traditional idea of family and what it means to be a “mother.” So, I’d like to say: Cheers to all the kinds of moms out there.

There are those who cannot bear children, choose not to, or it just hasn’t happened for them yet who still impact the lives of young people everyday. Without even realizing it, you are more of a mother to some than their own. Young people need you. YOU MATTER. There are moms in two mom households who might not have carried a pregnancy or birthed their child. Does that make them any less of a mother? Not even a little. There are adoptive moms who have embraced and transformed lives forever. There are stepmoms who do so much with an open heart and don’t get the recognition they deserve. There are foster moms who provide support and stability to those in need. There are girlfriends who remain titleless, even though they’ve developed strong, meaningful connections with their partners’ children. There are work moms and coach moms who show compassion, empathy, role-modeling, and give advice to children or to parents of children who covet that mentorship and don’t get that kind of guidance from anyone else. There are friend moms who open their homes because their environment is safer and more secure than others or simply because they are a part of a community raising the next generation. There are animal moms who raise, nurture, and unconditionally love pets who, without them, wouldn’t survive on their own. To all of you moms who don’t fit the traditional mom mold, I applaud you. Cheers to you!

So, as we head into 2019 and take a look at our very diverse demographic of women, let us not forget all the kinds of moms out there. You have and continue to truly make a difference as you positively and lovingly impact lives everyday. For those of you women who are not adequately affirmed and not 100 percent confident in your impact on this world and purpose, you are more important than you know!

Michelle Nolan


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