To The Daily Sun,

Gov. Chris Sununu will decide shortly on whether he will run for U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. Just a few months ago he seemed an extremely strong contender, now thanks to his own radical right leaning Republican party, his chances of winning get smaller every day. He doesn’t seem to have the ability to bring his own party back to the center. Instead they are pulling him further and further to the right. As a consequence, moderate learning Independents and Democrats, who might have voted for him in the past have lost confidence in him and rightfully so.

The most recent example is the GOP dominated New Hampshire Executive Council. They refused to accept $27 million in federal funding after a screaming anti-vaccine mob stormed one of their meetings. Sununu protested, but lacked leadership power or perhaps the will to stop the council from rejecting the funding.

Then not long afterwards, he trumpeted how he went around the Executive Council and got $4.7 million in federal funding to help vaccinate more New Hampshirites. That is about $23 million less than what a strong governor should have gotten for the state. This summer he helped severely limit New Hampshire women’s right to choose and gave into the radical right’s critical race theory cultural wars. Moderates apparently have had enough.

An Oct. 22 headline from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center declared “Sununu Approval Continues to Drop.” The polling reveals “as recently as February, a majority of Democrats (51%) approved of Sununu's performance,” now that approval has tanked to 24 precent. Just a few months ago more than 80 percent of Independents approved of his job performance, now that’s at 52 percent. You don’t have to be a professional pollster to know he is in trouble.

The radical right, anarchist driven Free Staters have taken control of the GOP majority NH legislature. They couldn’t ask for a more pandering governor. He gives them what they want from selling out women’s rights to choose to making dangerous COVID health care compromises. About the only recourse he has is his self-aggrandizing statewide Super603 Thank You Tour, but eating a lot of hot dogs accompanied by smiling selfies hasn’t impressed the moderates. As Sununu continues to fall from their grace, Maggie Hassan, a true moderate, is well positioned to be re-elected by voters who can no longer tolerate Sununu’s hapless shift toward the radical right.

Leonard Witt


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