To The Daily Sun,

Discovery Channel, National Geographic and many news media outlets have a common way to generate their ratings and profits from their viewers and listeners around this time every year. Discovery Channel leads the way with Shark Week, and others follow with their own versions. According to Discovery Channel's code of ethics, "Discovery strives to be the global leader in real life entertainment, serving passionate fans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains." However, they have as of late been failing to live up to this with their Shark Week programs as has National Geographic and major news media outlets. All three have shark programs that embrace the Jaws image of sharks, maintained by the news media since the movie first appeared in 1975 based on Peter Benchley's book.

Benchley before he passed away said he wished he never wrote Jaws. Benchley said "If you bought into the fact that you had this rogue, cold-blooded killer going around hunting humans, then obviously anything you could do to stop those sharks was good,’’ he said. “It provided cover for people who simply wanted to go out and kill sharks under the guise of somehow making people safer, which there’s no evidence that was the case at all.’’ For nearly 50 years this has been the case. And because of that millions of sharks are killed every year mainly for a cruel, wasteful, and in some places illegal practice called shark finning.

Shark finning involves a living shark having its fins cut off and then dumped overboard to drown, bleed to death and be eaten alive. And yet despite all the footage and evidence of this horrific act,no programs educating the viewers about it have ever been on Shark Week at the very least. Why? Because maintaining the Jaws image and getting a lot of ratings and profits means more to them than doing something to help sharks that also helps us to coexist with them in their oceans.

On average 10 people are killed worldwide by sharks each year, mostly because they were not made aware of how to avoid being attacked by those who they trust to inform them. Some people, however, do provoke a shark to attack. Humans, on the other hand, kill over 100,000,000 sharks every year. For a further comparison go look at "List of Wars and Anthropogenic Disasters by Death Toll" on Wikipedia and see how many humans were killed by other humans. Not a single shark attack death comes close to any and all of these deaths, and yet the shark is the scary one?

It seems that Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many news media outlets want you to believe a lie just so they can benefit from it, all the while you remain pawns to their indoctrinations while an animal created by God for a purpose, without a conscience like we have, suffers at our hands. Admit it or not, shark finning is evil, and must be stopped worldwide.

Len Hanley


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