To The Daily Sun,

According to a new poll, a nine-month study by More in Common, 82 percent of respondents said hate speech is an issue. America is among the few Western nations that do not outlaw so-called “hate speech.” The calls to do so are wrong but loud. Most of us would agree Americans, in public and in private life alike, should opt for civility with greater frequency. We should show respect for the right of others to hold views different than our own while avoiding rancor. That is what the first amendment is about, why we should keep it intact and strong.

There are many definitions of hate speech. Hate speech is sometimes speech attacking another based on race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Sometimes hate speech are things that do not agree with one’s views. Hate speech is generally anything intended to insult, offend, or intimidate another. We used to describe such speech ad hominem attacks and consider them rude behavior. Rude behavior was to be avoided, but we are pretty short on teaching manners these days. Instead, some of us would rather pass laws to control the rest of us.

We should not make hate speech, ad hominem attacks, illegal or unconstitutional. Leftists do not want to use the term ad hominem attack because we have already decided in the Constitution and in the law how we are going to deal with the issue... and the left is insistent on change for change sake. The goal is not doing the right thing based on logic and reason. The goal is to get emotional and react. Just do it.

At this point, leftists are the loudest advocates for censorship over freedom. They are for limiting legally what we can say; what we can think, and how we can think. That’s right; we have to think it, before we can say it. We need to opt for freedom; even when we find it annoying or disagreeable. Let’s protect the American way of life by supporting freedom. 

Marc Abear


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This guy is saying we should respect each other's opinions and even if they differ from our own and Americans need to be more civil to each other. And you two decide to demean and ridicule him . Lmao you couldn't prove his point any better , and your the one saying someone couldn't get any bummer.

Alan Moon

He describes a Vervaeke, J. Veverka, and so many other leftist extremists perfectly.


Sorry I can’t use my gun emoji for you to respond.


Gawd. If this was any dumber, we'd be milking you on a farm.


Abear is almost as bad as Steve Earle. What is in their drinking water?

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