To The Daily Sun,

This Veteran is not going idly by while Our President and administration lies to the Nation time after time. Worst off all the lies is "We won't leave until all Americans and those who helped us throughout the years..." This also included thousands of Green Card holders.

To make it even worse in this country's biggest blunder ever, We lost 13 of our brave troops. This included 11 Marines, one Navy Corpsman, and one Soldier defending Our country. I was a Navy Corpsman myself.

This past Monday and Tuesday I watched Our Secretary of State lie time after time, and of course the Democrats backed him up all the way. One senator asked if there are 100 Americans still left behind , how many want to come home.

The answer, none. The president even admitted there were more than that, but

they had been notified multiply times.

To no one's surprise, it was all Trump's fault. He set a date of May 1 for pulling out but left no plan. From the minute Biden was sworn in, they knew about the pull out, but they sat on their hands and didn't do a thing. I guess without Trump leading them by the nose they didn't know what to do. And when they did come up with a plan it was a total


Just this morning I saw a poll that only 31 percent were favorable of

the way Biden handled the exit. If any of you watched baseball, football (pro and college), the fans sang our national anthem, waved flags and and were chanting F--- you Biden. Now they think this is just going to disappear by going in other directions.

The epidemic, the $5 trillion spending bills, and of course the worst

thing that ever happened to our country. There was one Democrat that said

this was worse than 9-11. Americans are never going to forget the pullout, and the people they left behind. There will be blood on Biden's hands forever.

L. Michael Hatch


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Learn to read moron

Michael Breen Ph.D.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, except, No one is this incompetent. This is not incompetency; this is something else.., .

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