To The Daily Sun,

I recently had surgery at LRGH and wanted to share my experiences. My pre-surgery tests were all done in a timely manner. When an issue came up that might have postponed the surgery, LRGH staff worked to schedule the additional test I needed.

On the day of my surgery, the pre-op nurse was great, explaining everything he was doing and what to expect. When the anesthesiologist came in, she did the same, answering my pertinent questions and explaining what she was doing and what to expect. The OR staff was very helpful as I was transported; fortunately I don’t remember too much about the surgical experience.

In my room for the next 24 hours, I was treated to a caring staff on One East, helping me when I needed it and again, explaining everything. At discharge, I was given a packet of notes explaining all of the medications I was on and when and how often each needed to be taken. My experience at LRGH could not have been better.

My point is this: despite its sometimes less than stellar reputation, LRGH and its staff is a community asset that we cannot afford to lose. Every person on the staff is a professional, caring only about their patient’s wellbeing. When I missed supper after my surgery, my nurse, knowing I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours, somehow found a way to make me a PB&J sandwich! The three meals I ate the next day were all good, much better than the hospital food we hear about.

There are many rumors on the street as to what will happen to LRGH. As a community, we cannot let this asset disappear or be relegated to a minor facility. Hopefully, hospital management and the community leaders involved will work to find a solution to the problems being encountered so that we can keep LRGH and its staff as the community asset that it really is. In the meantime, I am thankful that it is available to us.

(John) Kevin Hayes


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