To The Daily Sun,
The anti-mask and anti-vax advocates will get what none of us want - an endemic.
The conspiracy theorists and Trump loyalists may succeed where science and reason fail. SARS-CoV-2, the deadly coronavirus that leads to COVID-19, may not go the way of polio, rubella, smallpox, measles, mumps and other infectious diseases that have been eradicated through vaccinations.
We lost 600,000 Americans when COVID-19 was in its initial stage and there were no vaccines. Now with the onset of the highly virulent delta variant, those who refuse to mask and get vaccinated will regrettably be stacked like cordwood.
The CDC has recently "strongly recommended" the use of masks indoors in highly transmissible areas, which now is every state except Maine. In the military we were taught that it is imperative to take the offensive when facing the enemy. SARS-CoV-2 is the enemy, and if we do not take an aggressive posture, we will lose the battle. Advice to Gov. Sununu and local school boards - mandate masks and vaccinations. A "wait and see" attitude will prove disastrous. At a minimum, mandating the use of masks will help minimize the unnecessary transmission among the unvaccinated.  Let us abide by the wisdom of children, "It's only a mask."
Hippocrates - "To know is science; to think one knows is ignorance."
John T. Goegel

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They still don't understand that the vaccinations they refuse to get aren't making us immune - a favorite argument I've seen is "but, if you're vaccinated you're protected, right?". I understand they want to make it sound like their actions don't affect anyone else, but they do. Guess they didn't pay attention in Science class! Now, as most of us knew it would, it is affecting children - many of whom can't get vaccinated. The selfishness demonstrated by these people is... A - Sad? B - Disgusting? C - Not surprising? D - All of the above?


They and we know who THEY are don’t care! They are entitled and care only about themselves.


Well said. Thank you for sharing

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