To The Daily Sun,

Certain times of the year, it’s nice to pause from the multiple political activities. This is one of those times.

Driving on New Hampshire’s roads, one is impressed with the multiple colors that draw so many to visit. “Leaf Peepers” come from many places, including our own New Hampshire people.

Not only that, the many farm stands offer the fruits of autumn that tempt the appetite and soul. The aromas of cider, apples, apple and peach pies deliciously fill the air. Have a hot cup of mulled apple cider to stay warm.

Small country roads as they twist through the many towns, valleys, along rivers and streams, laced with the brilliant orange, yellows, reds, and purple, as the water quietly ripples over the stones. Some of the mountains seemed covered with snows that look like 10-x sugar dusting their peaks. The chill in the air so refreshing invigorates the soul. Even though the chill reminds us of things to visit, it’s all part of nature’s gift to our eyes. The blue skies (along with other weather challenges) complement the ever-changing scenery.

Traveling on the I-93 highway is a royal treat to our eyes, a color display that competes with the finest in our country and the world. Truly this is an autumn showcase welcoming all who visit. As one travels away from the urban and suburbs in the south, colorful trees line the sides of the road. Going further north, the diners, country stores, towns galore, country fairs, one senses that many tales of lore are hidden among their people.

Robert Frost had these words, “I have many miles to go, and promises to keep.” Even after being a flatlander for 25 years, New Hampshire’s natural landscape never bores this writer’s soul. Mount Chocorua and its namesake lake, trees line its shores with the deep blue reflecting the beauty of this mountain. Hiking in the woods, the silence is only pierced with the music and sounds of nature. It’s known to all, there are many places yet unseen in this lovely home of ours.

One could go on forever, but one thing for sure, New Hampshire is a great place to be, and to call it home.

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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