To The Daily Sun,

In response to Doug Lambert’s letter(s) regarding the voting records of David Huot and Charlie St. Clair on SB-263 and HB-397, there is nothing far-left about gender identity; please educate yourself.

I would suggest the Harvard Medical School study that has determined that transgender individuals comprise about 0.3 percent of the world population, but there are several good studies out there. People are born every day with an extra chromosome, no tonsils, no appendix. Some are born with no skin pigment, blind or deaf. Some are born gay, and yes, some are born transsexual. Just because most of the population is born with a solid X or Y chromosome, is it really our place to determine there can be nothing else?

Your apparent fear of the unknown does not make it so and I don’t see a Dr. next to your name so I’m going to assume you are not an expert in the field. I would love to believe we live in a world where we don’t need such legislation but unfortunately that is not the case and I’m grateful that Representatives Huot and St. Clair are educated and open minded enough to realize that.

Regarding the left-wing lunacy of HB-397, allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Fact-undocumented immigrants drive. There are still undocumented immigrants who were brought here as young children and raised as Americans who are unfortunately stuck in the middle of this immigration mess, some live right here in New Hampshire. Also a fact, passing the driver’s exam shows that you have a basic knowledge of the rules of the road and therefore makes the roads are safer. Drivers with licenses are less likely to leave the scene of an accident and more likely to be insured. License fees generate more income for the state.

I could go on, there is much supporting data. If you could please point to the study that supports your claim of undocumented immigrants desecrating our roadways, I would appreciate it as I am unaware of the mayhem you speak of. Is it the color of one’s skin or their nationality that automatically makes you deem them unsafe? Is an undocumented person from France somehow a safer driver than an undocumented person from Pakistan? You are entitled to your opinion. But that’s all that I see in the words you laid down on paper and your obvious prejudice and bigotry do not make the case for facts.

I see that you are a Gilford resident. I find it interesting that while you chastise our fellow Belknap County representatives for their “ridiculous matters that fly in the face of hard working, law abiding New Hampshire people”, I wonder if you have paid as much attention to our own representatives legislation. For instance, HB-190, sponsored by Representative Aldrich of Gilford, called for gold and silver to be used as mediums of exchange. Or perhaps HB-507 which was sponsored by Representatives Aldrich, Sylvia of Belmont, and Ray Howard of Alton, that repeals driver’s licenses, registrations, and inspections for non-commercial vehicles. How much money do you think this will take out of our state budget?

Or HB-525, Representative Howard wishes to be compensated in 200 troy ounces of silver, because that’s how they were compensated in 1792. None of these bills made it to the floor because of the ridiculousness of the content but this is how our Belknap County representatives on the other side are spending their time in Concord. You know what I see as the difference? The bills that Representative Huot and St. Clair’s voted for are to help their constituents while the bills proposed by Aldrich, Sylvia, and Howard certainly look to be self-serving.

I agree with one sentence you wrote in your last letter. We should use common sense the next time we vote.

Johnna Davis


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