To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Steve Earle’s letter in the April 5th Laconia Sun, I am unsure of what the Jesse Smollett case has to do with Islamic terrorism or anti-semitism, but to cover my bases, I will say that Smollett’s actions were a disgrace to the left wing, only serving as justification for those who deny the reality of police brutality to further silence the black community. This instance most certainly exemplifies the preferential treatment granted to people like Smollett, but black celebrities are certainly not the only benefactors of a rigged court system.

As for the demographics involved in American domestic terrorism, right-wing terrorism accounted for approximately 73 percent of violent, politically motivated attacks perpetrated between 2009 and 2018, according to the Anti-Defamation League, a non-governmental research foundation that aims to defend Jewish people from anti-semitism.

Speaking of which, Ilhan Omar’s remarks regarding APAC were not said in the name of anti-semitism; they stated to shed light on the corrupt relationship between Israeli government officials, U.S. officials, and the military-industrial complex. When we, the United States, give Israel $38 billion per year for “military defense aid,” President Benjamin Netanyahu turns around and spends that money on expensive artillery manufactured by U.S. and allied defense contractors, which is then used to absolutely decimate Palestinians for protests and uprisings over the theft of their property.

Take, for example, the 2014 bombings of Gaza. The deaths of three Israeli teenagers at the hands of Hamas led to a bomb fest that killed 80 to 90 percent civilians. To those who argue that Hamas intended this sort of reaction, the simple fact is you may be right. Terrorists sometimes utilize the strategy of provocation, which is the intentional stirring of an enemy to incite them to overreact. So, assuming this is the case, Netanyahu played directly into the hands of the group he seeks to exterminate and, in the process, created sympathy for their cause.

This brings me to my broader, most crucial point. Islam is not the primary cause of terrorism in the modern world. Every religion has, at one point in time, been used to justify horrifically violent actions. Think back to the Crusades or the Salem Witch Trials, the Zealots who assassinated important political figures in Rome or the Kali-worshiping Thug cult that has killed more people in the name of Hinduism than any Islamic terrorist organization to date. Religions are used to justify acts of terrorism, but, most of the time, they are not the primary factor in causing such violence. The real culprit for the creation of terrorist ideologies is a thorough sense of hopelessness and humiliation amongst a people who have no outlet for peaceful political discourse.

Julia Davis


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