To The Daily Sun,

Why vote Republican? Let’s talk about all the good things that have happened since January 2017 when Republicans became the majority in New Hampshire and in Washington D.C.

— Unemployment in New Hampshire is at a low 2.6 percent — the lowest in New England. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

— N.H. is the 15th best state in the country in terms of business climate and taxation and the best in New England. (

— N.H. has no sales or income tax with a median income of $70,936 per year; we have a more robust economy than other states (

— Gross domestic product (GDP) jumped 4.2 percent, the best pace in four years (

— Black, Latino, women’s and youth unemployment falls to historic lows ( (

— The stock market hit 26,000 for the very first time in history. (

— U.S. manufacturing at highest level in 14 years (

— Wages have risen 2.9 percent from a year ago ( and median household income has risen 3.2 percent, the highest since 1999 (

With all the positive results of a Republican majority why in the world would anyone vote Democrat and cause a downward spiral in economic growth, an increase in our taxes, increase regulations, open borders and illegal voting? As President Trump has said, “the only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired of winning”.

The contrast between Republicans and Democrats this election could not be more clear. Come November 6 you have two choices; however, if you want to continue down the path of economic prosperity in New Hampshire then your only choice is to vote Republican. We would appreciate your vote.

Rep Greg Hill

Northfield, Franklin Ward 3

Hon Kathy Rago

Northfield, Franklin Ward 3

Rep Howard Pearl

Northfield, Franklin Ward 3,

Boscawen, Loudon, Canterbury

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State Representatives, you know that money destroys individual lives and families every day? I’m sure you did, and you might even be the recipient of the dangers that the love for money can bring with it. It’s not that money has an evil side to it. Money is an object, it’s neither good or evil. But, money becomes bad when it is put into people’s hands with bad intentions. Similarly, people who pursue it endlessly make it look very bad. I want you to take a strong look at yourself and see if you may be in love with money. Insert empathy into your thinking and improve the lives of all citizens not just feed an ego.

Alan Moon

You can find the good or the bad whichever you prefer. I see mostly good things happening now with President Trump and I see all the usual donkeys just Hating Every Minute of it. Good enough reason to vote for Republicans.


Umm, actually the Stock market is falling, and has lost all of it summer gains. Easy to fact check. Cost of living was up 2.9 percent from July 2017 to July 2018, the Labor Department reported Friday, an inflation rate that outstripped a 2.7 percent increase in wages over the same period. The average U.S. “real wage,” a federal measure of pay that takes inflation into account, fell to $10.76 an hour last month, 2 cents down from where it was a year ago. GDP is up, but that is a result of foreign purchase of products to get ahead of the impending tariffs, China went on this huge buying spree and bought massive amounts of soybeans. Real economists agree this is not sustainable. Since there have been no jobs bills, and no significant hiring due to the Tax Cuts, the current administration cannot possibly take credit for Black and Latino employment numbers which have been falling for 6 years. Now let's talk about issues like violence, hate crimes are up, inso e places as much as 50%. The number of Americans without insurance rose by 3.2 million at the beginning of this year, as Republicans continue to strip healthcare that number is forecast to triple this year. The tax cut bill is bleeding the Gov't of needed funds, not contributing to growth as corporations use the cuts to buy back stocks. Republicans are publicly threatening to cut SS, and Medicaid, Medicare, and social programs to balance out the gift they gave to corporations. So the stock market is falling, GDP is not sustainable for long term growth, more Americans are uninsured, and we are getting slaughtered in church and school. I am voting Democrat, thank you for giving me a reason to.


So you think all people care about our money? How naive. Trump was handed a good economy with 100 straight months of job growth anyway. Remember the crash? Oh, you don't!. The reason we despise Trumpenfuhrer is moral.


YUGE lies! Nice tries Fox News Lovers!!!

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