To The Daily Sun,

It is nice to see Mr. Miller admit he made an error, but he pathetically still clings to the narrative expressed by liberals that President Trump should not be president because he is not qualified. Mr. Miller cannot be blamed for his feelings as he must be drinking the Kool Aid distributed by the liberal party. He might try to research the accomplishments of the president.

Some examples are the record low unemployment, high stock market, tax reform,etc. The Democratic Party leans so far to the socialist view, thus fracturing the party,they can't even agree on what their platform will be in 2020.

I do agree with you on immigration being emotional, difficult,and politicized. Our president is willing to meet on middle ground,but the socialist bent of your party can't even agree on comprehensive reform including DACA. Based on your letters, if President Trump negotiated a trade deal with the president of China, removed the nukes from Iran and North Korea, and found a cure for cancer, the Democrats and presumably you, would find fault with it. So sad!

Rich Tjaden


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If Trump shot someone dead on Fifth Avenue, the Trumpies would still vote for him. Twisted! He is an awful human being with awful ideas. A true to form fascistic Demagogue. He will be gone in 2 years.

Alan Moon

St Albans VT recently elected a goat as the new mayor. Even they are tired of the same old donkeys.


And you'd know about old donkeys....


He can’t even read, so I guess we are all safe from that fantasy!


I have never seen a more ignorant and anti-intellectual leader. Whether it is science, history, religion, or political realities, the guy is in the dark and his lemmings are just as bad. Its almost as if the humans of the Trump GOP are a subspecies that didn't get the appropriate wiring in the prefrontal cortex. Unreachable and insufferably divorced from reality


You must be talking about Barack Hussein Obama.

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