To The Daily Sun,

What constitutes a “national crisis”?

Ninty-eight percent, year 2018-2019, increase in family units illegally crossing our borders (reported 3/5/19:

Seventy-six thousand, one-hundred and three apprehensions in Feb. 2019 compared to 5,480 apprehensions in Feb 2018 (

Two-hundred fifty four pounds ofFentanyl seized at US-Mexico border; enough to kill 26 million people (reported Jan 2019:

These are statistics we know for a fact. What about all the porous places along the southern border where people and drugs enter illegally? Fentanyl is much more dangerous than any other drug and while this may have been at a port of entry, again, these are actual statistics.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has told us: we need barriers, we do not have facilities and means to deal with the increase in illegal border crossings, we need to change asylum and immigration laws. What have our senators and congressmen done to provide CBP with what they have repeatedly asked for? I fail to see their reasoning that these issues do not constitute a national crisis. I fail to understand how they, their colleagues in the Senate and Congress, fail to act and take all necessary means to protect the citizens of New Hampshire and the United States.

I recently read an interesting book that dealt with a mass school shooting incident. One of the very interesting points made was that when our elected officials repeatedly fail to enact or change legislation harmful or un-protective of its citizens, we the people must act. Start with changing/improving our local and state laws and change out our elected officials.

We have a drug crisis because of ineffective, unenforceable, irrelevant or ignored laws, rules and regulations. We have an increasing, unmanageable issue with illegal immigration for the same reasons AND that our elected officials at the national level fail to work together, fail to enact legislation that might hurt them politically and listen to lobbyist over constituents. We on the other hand, can start today.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Common Sense

The great majority of drugs enter through legal ports of entry. The notion of a mexican with a backpack full of fentanyl sneaking through the bushes is just as absurd as it sounds.

Alan Moon

Because this is springtime down there, those numbers of illegal border crossers are on track to increase to over 100 thousand in March! and by the end of 2019, at least 0ne million of these illiterate and destitute illegals will have entered the country. That is almost the equivalent of the entire state of New Hampshire! What kind of idiots think that this is a sustainable situation?


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