To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Mr. Wright’s question to the level of respect that he feels the president should get, what exactly does the moron-in-chief respect acting as president? From the moment he declared he was running he disrespected virtually everything and everybody that makes this country great.

Mr. Wright, would you talk or act like him with your spouse? Or allow your spouse to do it to you? Apparently, that method of human interaction is appealing to you — your concern is over a stupid political cartoon for a man who said he’d date his own daughter if they weren’t related, for crying out loud. If it was about a Democrat (pick whoever) you’d be chuckling in your Laz-E- Boy and passing it on to your friends.

Trump is a pathetic, narcissistic idiot who only won because of the Electoral College, not because people that live in the real world actually like him. He does not deserve respect just because he’s in the chair. If you want a paper that fawns all over him, get the Weirs Times and save yourself the stress of seeing or reading about someone picking on the poor slob. Like me.

For Mr. Rivers, we’re not living in the past and there are plenty of frugal people still living and voting in New Hampshire as Republican. I — and they — just don’t have the closed minds of the old timers. Perhaps a better idea is you moving to Massachusetts to make it more Republican?

Michael Sweet


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Dear Michael Sweet, Thank you for the somewhat insightful commentary. My response to your post will try not to degrade you at all, for fear you have thin skin and prefer to humiliate others. Please review you facts. Yes, our current President Donald Trump did win the Electoral College vote. As I am sure you remember from the history courses you took, the Electoral College is also part of compromises made at the constitutional convention to satisfy the small states. One advantage of the Electoral College is that it promotes fairness from a regional perspective. Individual votes count, but in a way that is represented by states. This prevents 2-3 very large states from overwhelming the popular vote count so that a greater portion of the country can be represented by the government. One disadvantage is that individual voters feel like they do not count either. In 2000 and 2016, the candidate who won the popular vote did not win the Electoral College. Here are some additional advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College to consider [source: ]. How to fix this? Consider one aspect of the electoral system that is not mandated in the constitution is the fact that the winner takes all the votes in the state. Therefore it makes no difference if you win a state by 50.1% or by 80% of the vote you receive the same number of electoral votes. This can be a recipe for one individual to win some states by large pluralities and lose others by small number of votes, and thus this is an easy scenario for one candidate winning the popular vote while another winning the electoral vote. This trend took place over the course of the 19th century. While there are clear problems with the Electoral College and there are some advantages to it, changing it is very unlikely. It would take a constitutional amendment ratified by 3/4 of states to change the system. It is hard to imagine the smaller states agreeing. One way of modifying the system is to eliminate the winner take all part of it. Two states do not use the winner take all system, Maine and Nebraska. It would be difficult but not impossible to get other states to change their systems. Unfortunately, the party that has the advantage in the state is unlikely to agree to a unilateral change. There are ongoing attempts to change the system, but few expect them to be successful any time soon [source: ]. Results of 2016 election [source:; ]: Electoral College Trump – 306 Clinton – 232 Popular vote: Trump – 61,201,031 Clinton – 62,523,126 Other – 6,484,094 [note: Clinton won California which has 55 Electoral Votes and approximately 11,954,000 popular votes cast. Clinton had 62%.] You are correct on one point, our country was founded on allowing people to share their opinions freely with fear for reprisal. You [or I] do not have to agree, but resorting to name calling is well, not keeping the American spirit. Oh and p.s. check out the July 3rd LDS page 19. Seems Mr. Trump was not alone. Once we stop this inward hostility towards each other, maybe, just maybe we can all work together to keep America Great!

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