To The Daily Sun,

Today’s ugly, destructive politics are going to end badly. Likely with a violent, cataclysmic explosion of outrage and violence that kills people. It’s like watching an auto accident happen in slow motion you can’t stop. Politics is now an accident happening in real time. Both political sides seem intent to push the car off a cliff with all of us in it. It’s as if the ending is being directed by an evil force trying to destroy the county. There are some basic truths that need reflection.

Over the past century we have made the PRIZE of controlling GOVERNMENT ever more VALUABLE. Every time we increase the size, power and jackpot of government the desire for its control increases dramatically. Control of government is now the “GOTCHA” prize of all time in this universe. We keep adding gold on top of gold, on top of gold because politicians are convinced yelling MORE FREE, GOVERNMENT GOLD is the surest path to get elected. It’s insanity in a country absolutely drowning in debt and insolvency for every major social program into the next century that we would talk about MORE GOLD. Half of America have become DEPENDENT, DRUG ADDICTS to government gold when the vault is now EMPTY! These people are indeed willing to mortgage the future of the next generation without a second’s hesitation, lowering the living standards of their children and YOUR CHILDREN with 100% certainty for their personal benefit.

Behind this slow motion crash rests IDENTITY POLITICS, a destructive strain now practiced by democrats. It is ripping every measure of social, racial, economic and gender fabric this nation has into shreds. It will keep ripping it with increasing speed and ever LOUDER SCREAMS why someone must hate someone else. It’s yelled because women must hate and distrust men and minorities, especially, blacks must feel the same toward whites, if democrats have any hope to win elections. Hate has become the bread and butter political currency of the democratic party to win the JACKPOT of GOVERNMENT control with.

Democrats SILENTLY tossed working class, main street under the bus years ago putting minorities and women in their place. Democrats saw demographic changes coming they thought they could benefit from politically. What they didn’t see was the level of continual HATE that needed to be MANUFACTURED (and amplified through the media) to make that strategy really work. The votes of minorities and women can’t be depended on unless they truly hate. There is less racism in America today than ever, yet it thrives in the media unlike anytime in history because racism must flourish if democrats are to win. Abortion antics the same. They must thrive for democrats to win politically. Contrived and manufactured hate is OK if it drives the needed segments to a state of anger and HATE sufficient to get them to vote. Getting control of the Jackpot recognizes no moral or ethical boundaries.

Nothing epitomizes the HATE STRATEGY better than the attempted hi tech, no trial, no evidence, hi tech, LYNCHING of Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats were like BODY BUILDERS preening on the beach flexing their POLITICAL biceps in front of the ladies as it relates to abortion willing to hang a man, his wife and his kids to WIN the GOVERNMENT JACKPOT of gold.

Tony Boutin


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Ryan Murdough

Identity politics is the only kind of politics that matter. The problem in America is that we have no identity. The Constitution isn't going to matter when we are surrounded by Africans, Mexicans, Hondurans, etc.

Alan Moon

You are the one who should get out, we don't need your racist hate.

Alan Moon

I agree with Tony B. and with that attitude JWV it's only going to get worse so buckle up




Like the ugly and destructive politics found in 8 years of hatemongering, lying and hysteria from people like you and the res of the naive Lakes Region right wing nuts


Like the pipe bombs.

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