To The Daily Sun,

The best thing about free speech is that it eventually absolves all doubt if you think someone might be a crackpot. I generally get a good laugh from reading Mr. Cracraft’s hate filled, bigoted columns. I give him credit because he doesn’t hide who he is and has spilled his pretzel logic in his columns for many years. As a young parent, his rantings assured me that I would not waste one dime on sending my children to be educated by someone who is so misinformed about a great many things.

Unfortunately, his last column was a complete disappoint because, like most people, I got to the word Nazi in the first paragraph and stopped reading. Everyone knows where it goes from there. Another hate-filled rant comparing the current president to Hitler. That president’s followers are all fascist, racist, homophobes, bla, bla, bla.

Call people who disagree with you hateful names, provide no specifics, sprinkle in a few lies and you have a column that we’ve all read before. We roll our eyes and quickly move on to the next part of the paper. The authors of these types of opinion articles are a result of what desperate people do when political policy isn’t going their way. It amazes me that these so-called “educated” people, actually think it will sway opinions.

Terry Stewart

Alton Bay

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