To The Daily Sun,

Granite State Organizing Project presented an excellent dinner that recognize multiple people for their commitments and dedications to their communities, N.H.state and humankind. It provides support for social justice. An interesting conversation with one of the members is the incentive to write this article.

Many articles are written by people who are moderate, right or left "wingers," as well as those of the extreme positions of both sides. While this paper is commended for including many points of view, it also offers a balance these writers present. While it is impossible for me to run for president, nonetheless, if I were capable, and won; I would offer to hear everyone, just as this paper allows. The most important thing that people need to do is to listen to both sides. Yes, one can disagree with the opposing view, but can be done politely. I would listen to white supremacists, though I abhor their dialogue, to find out why they feel as they do. Would I attempt to change? The agreement would be to listen to them, so long as they listen to me. Even Donald Trump, whom I really dislike, deserves to be heard, so long as he is willing to listen to me.

Communications is so essential to the developing democracy we enjoy. Its developing as it is an ongoing experiment that basically seems to offer the best and most to conserving all of our health, safety, welfare, and lives. It is also protected by the First Amendment. While it is their right, those who use capital letters need to know you do not have to shout your comments. It is rude, in my opinion, and takes away the point of your message, in addition to turning off those who read your comments. We need to listen, take it all in completely as we move forward in advancing our democracy for all to benefit.

Of grave concern is the merging of strange bedfellows, China and Russia, where dissent is not acceptable. Today, we can no longer maintain an isolationist policy. The internet, computers, etc. does not allow for this. Our trade systems are so intertwined, that tariffs would do more negative on world economy than positive. The automotive industry is perfect example of this. While many cars are made in this country, the parts may come from other countries. The communications field is extremely complicated, as well as intertwined among all countries. A balance has to be made to allow for this to run smoothly. Thus by listening to our adversaries, though we may not like them, this provides a peaceful means by which we all can benefit in the long run.

Life has always been a balancing act. Communications and social justice are balancing acts. Let's move forward and listen, it could well be a life changer for everyone.

Bob Joseph, Jr.,

New Hampton

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