To The Daily Sun,

I read the opinion letters on a daily basis and for the most part enjoy the back and forth. I'm trying my hardest to understand how the Democrat mind works in 2019. Here are a few of my observations in the last few weeks.

Alan V. thinks we can't build a wall without it eroding. Really? Walls to protect our sovereignty as a nation are somehow immoral! The kids from Covington High School were attacked for three reasons: 1. they are white, 2. they are Christians, and 3., some were wearing a MAGA hat!

The most disturbing event however is the New York Legislature just passed an abortion bill that gives women the right to abort babies up to one day before their due date, and if the baby survives the attempted abortion doctors and even non-doctors have the right to kill them — and everyone was cheering! The truly sad part of all of this is the left thinks they are the arbiters of what is right and moral.

I am not interested in living in a country that says you can only wear certain clothes because they don't want you to offend anyone, where protecting our borders is racist, where white people are evil, where saying our president is racist because he wants to put America first!

I really could go on and on mentioning all the crazy things the Democrats stand for today but that would be a waste of my time and energy. My wife and i raised our kids, paid for their collage and gave them a solid foundation in which to go out into this great country of ours and make their own way. I certainly didn't need any liberal telling me how to raise them according to their moral beliefs!

In closing i would like some of the more rabid Democrats try to enlighten me as to where i've gone wrong.

Tim French


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"Liberalism is a Disease??" And I suppose uncritical support of a narcissistic, mean, crude, vulgar, inhumane liar is not sick???


It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome.


You missed the insult.....


Even a Catholic Bishop said that MAGA hats and pro life do not mix well. No, these kids are being criticized because they harassed someone. Not because they are Christians or Trump supporters

Common Sense

paid for their "collage". maybe you should have tagged along.


Aw, aren't you special!


Additionally Tim, it might interest you to know that the law in New York is identical to the current law in New Hampshire. Abortion shouldn't be used simply as a form of birth control in my opinion, but women in danger of losing their life or women who have been prevented from acting on a pregnancy caused by rape or incest should have some remedy - even up to the end. But only in those cases.


Tim - my thoughts on what was eroding was primarily the actual ground under and around the wall based on the "design" that Trump was suggesting, as well as eroding what America stands for. I never suggested it was eroding morals. That happened a long time ago.

Alan Moon

I'm with you all the way Tim! But get ready, here they come.




Liberalism is a disease.


So is ignorance.


We all can't be as amazingly smart as a liberal.


And labeling people for their own personal opinion is just so typical of Cheese Wiz Lip Followers.


SpellCheck - you're my hero.

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